Calling all consumers

Rolling out this year, the WebDiet smartphone-based service offers dietary recommendations sent throughout the day to suit the users' diet goals, reports Decision News Media. Using mobile phone technology, it will tell you if you have had enough fiber or Omega-3s, how many calories you’ve consumed, how much fat you’ve imbibed, the amount of salt you’ve taken in and so on based on what you’ve already eaten.  Meanwhile, Weight Watchers has just announced the launch of its own mobile service offering online subscribers “free access to the same weight loss planning and tracking tools that help them stay on track, from any location, at any time on a supported mobile device.” Another innovative option is a camera-phone by Canadian company MyFoodPhone, which allows you to take pictures of your food and receive feedback on your choices from nutritionists and coaches. Then again, according to the BBC, food packaging could be embedded with computer chips that instantly link mobile phones to an on-line food guide to help consumers make ethical and ecological decisions – including how much energy and water were used to produce each calorie of food and its impact on the climate, food policy expert Professor Tim Lang told the British Association Science Festival. I’m sure many would find these options helpful in their fight against obesity. Geez, why not just imbed a tracking device in our heads, which sends a shock to our brain if we eat the wrong thing? WebDiet Weight Watchers MyFoodPhone BBC News