Canadians say 'no cherry on top'

According to the Smucker's Sundae Survey of 1,404 Canadians-conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion- Canada's ideal ice cream sundae is made up of one scoop of chocolate ice cream and one scoop of vanilla, topped with hot fudge syrup, whipping cream, strawberries and sliced banana served in a waffle cone/bowl. And make no mistake about it, there's no cherry on top!


Other findings include: Almost everyone likes to top off their sundae with syrup (89 percent); the most preferred syrup is hot fudge (38 percent) followed by a tie between chocolate and caramel (29 percent); 85 percent of Canadians would like to slowly savor 'The Oh Canada Sundae' compared to just 6 percent who want to gobble it up; Quebeckers prefer just fruit on their sundaes and do away entirely with whipping cream and syrup; younger Canadians prefer chunkier and more textured ice creams such as Cookie Dough and Mint Chocolate Chip compared to Canadians over the age of 55 who prefer nuttier ice creams such as Maple Nut and Praline Pecan; the most popular unusual toppings are peanut butter, gummi bears and maple syrup; and Canadians who prefer a sweet and salty treat also enjoy topping their sundae with chips, French fries, bacon and pickles.


"We wanted the scoop from Canadians on what constitutes their ideal ice cream sundae so we recently polled adults from coast to coast," says Sarah Palter, baking specialist, Smucker Foods of Canada. "Not only did the research help Smucker's create 'The Oh Canada Sundae', but we also learned a number of quirky insights such as British Columbians are the most likely to add a third scoop of ice cream to their sundae (35 percent) and French Canadians love to share their ice cream sundae (63 percent)!"


"The Smucker's Sundae Survey also found out that a whopping 83 percent of Canadians celebrate Canada Day (Canada's Independence Day) and the residents of Manitoba and Saskatchewan celebrate more than any other province," adds Palter. "Canadians' preferred festivities on our national day are spending time with family (43 percent) at a BBQ (34 percent) followed by fireworks (36 percent). Not surprisingly, those between the ages of 18 and 34 want to spend less time with family and more time with friends enjoying fireworks."