Dude-friendly kitchenwares

Testosterone is becoming a more common ingredient in kitchenware -- figuratively speaking, of course, reports the New York Times. Lifetime Brands, a giant housewares and kitchenwares company, believes that men are "increasingly active in house-outfitting decisions, despite the long-standing sense that the home is a female domain." The company's Savora line of sleek and stylish utensils was designed with men in mind. "It's sex on a spoon," says Tom Mirabile, the company's senior vice president for globaltrends and design.

Many male-focused products were on display at the recent International Home and dude-friendly kitchenware Housewares Show in Chicago, including a line of cookware and kitchen tools, including frying pans with tattoo-inspired design from celebrity chef Guy Fieri. The ultimate in macho kitchenware, however, may have come from Kikuichi Cutlery, whose company dates back to the 14th century, when it was making swords for the samurai. But once swordplay dried up, so did the company's bottom line."

Kikuichi now makes kitchen knives "in the same ornate style" as traditional samurai swords, "with delicate waves along layers of steel, emblazoned with the same logo from centuries ago: a chrysanthemum." Other guy gear on display included "a shiny, barrel-shaped barbecue" from Eva Sol for $1,495, and the flat top of the grill allows it to serve as a table when the man isn't manning it in the backyard. As Chief Executive Jan Engelbrecht explained, "This should be a kind of furniture. And it should be nice enough that your wife would want it there." It's a perfect match with a Mr. Bar-B-Q spatula, which comes equipped with both a bottle opener and a "small magnetic light," useful when grilling in the dark.