Eggs crack the Top 10 breakfast foods

According to the Food Channel, in conjunction with CultureWaves and the International Food Futurists, share the Top Ten Breakfast Trends for 2011. Fully 95 percent of survey respondents view breakfast as very or somewhat important, about two thirds eat breakfast every day without fail and the same percentage eat breakfast at home, while nearly 25 percent eat breakfast at work. The ingredient eaten more often at breakfast is eggs (50 percent), and about 25 percent each say they eat hot or cold cereal most frequently.


Breakfast trends include: Oatmeal in Overdrive -- On the home front, oatmeal's becoming a real mainstream staple. Steel-cut oats has become a common household phrase that indicates you're eating the real thing; Chocolate for Breakfast -- At the Winter Fancy Foods Show, fancy chocolate was everywhere, often promoted as a breakfast product. There was chocolate tea, chocolate Belgian waffles, chocolate granola, and even hot chocolate on a stick. A panel of experts named "chocolate for breakfast" as one of the top five trends, based on its ubiquity at the conference; Fast Foods Battle Over Breakfast -- The breakfast daypart has become the key battleground in the quick service restaurant category; Haute Coffee Comes Home -- Supermarket shelves are bulging with RTD cappuccinos, frappuccinos, and lattes. There are all sorts of espresso machines and gazillions of recipes on the Web for making your own caffeinated beverages; Ethnic Invasion - An NRA survey of chefs found ethnic-inspired breakfast to be one of the hottest trends of the coming year. Hispanic breakfast menus sizzle, especially in regions where the Latino population is growing. In home kitchens we'll be slathering our toast and biscuits with European spreads such as Nutella; Beverage Choice Choke -- We're way beyond coffee and O.J. Younger consumers get their morning kick from an energy drink. Bubbly juices are growing, as are carbonated fruit juices; Hot Pizza in the A.M.-- Pizza is predicted to be one of the hottest menu items for breakfast. Kellogg's is looking to get a slice of the breakfast pie with its Eggo brand, launching two flavors of Real Fruit Pizza as a new morning meal entry; Breakfast Ingredients All Day Long --Bacon is on and in all kinds of foods these days, from burgers to desserts, and though some profess to be tired of the bacon buzz, we don't see any real evidence of bacon fatigue; The Breakfast Two-Step --We're starting to see a pattern of people getting their breakfast in two phases. It starts with the early morning hit of caffeine at home or Starbucks (or similar), with maybe some toast, a banana or small muffin. That's followed up later by Phase 2: a mid-morning break of yogurt, granola, fruit, or maybe a power bar... something to propel us forward till lunchtime; and Eggs Crack the Top Ten-- Eggs to hatch a big comeback this year thanks in part to a just-released report on a nutritional re-evaluation of eggs conducted by the USDA that shows today's eggs are healthier than previously believed.