Flirting among the flank steaks

Making eyes over the mangoes in produce, flirting among the flank steaks at the meat case, yes, supermarkets hold the promise of romance, writes Robert Vosburgh, Supermarket News.


In the UK, one of the most popular online destinations for those seeking love in the food aisles is, or, which encourages potential matches based on their shopping preferences. According to Asda officials, they were inspired to create the service after they viewed the results of a shopper poll showing that 71 percent of men and 64 percent of women are open to meeting someone of the opposite sex while they go about their food shopping. And another 41 percent admitted to looking into the shopping baskets of others in an effort to determine their marital status.


In the U.S., Whole Foods Market enjoys the reputation as a great meeting place for singles. And smaller markets are ideal venues for conversation. I've noticed that the fresh fruit and vegetable section is an excellent spot for potential couples to converse. Usually, the male asks the female how to cook his favorite vegetable. If he's lucky, she invites him to dinner.


For five years running, Alfalfa's Market was named the place to meet your soul mate in Boulder, Colo. by the local press. According to co-founder Mark Retzloff, who recently reopened the store, quite a few people met their spouses while shopping in the store, but he was unable to vouch if the couples were still together.


Hope springs eternal.