Follow your nose

Diane will be back next week. Be sure to check back for her latest entry. I know you'll be delighted to hear that you can now purchase scratch and sniff wallpaper. Inspired by New York designer Michael Angelo, New Orleans-based Flavor Paper has introduced its Fruit Cocktail Collection in three varieties -- Bananas, Cherry Forever and Tutti Frutti, reports Daily Candy. You can look forward soon to Magnolia and Vanilla. How does it work? Fragrance oils are microencapsulated into millions of microscopic porcelain balls, which are then dipped in water-based adhesive and applied by silk screen to the paper. When you scratch the paper, the balls pop and release the fragrance. If you want to create a custom scent, the smellologists can create a custom scent for you. You must order six rolls, but they donate part of the proceeds to the Human Rights Campaign. The wallpaper is rather pricy at $300 to $450 a roll (27 x 15), but imagine the reaction you'll get from customers if you paper your reception area with the scent of your product. Check it out for yourself at