Food Network chefs dish on what’s hot

What's hot on the dining scene? According to celebrity Chef Cat Cora, it is stronger flavors across the board, reports USA Today. Stronger aromas, more crispiness, crunch and freshness are key, as well as flavored salts and vinegars with more body and flavor. Cora also predicts richer chocolates with flavorings like chili spice and curry. "Consumers are more willing to go out and sample global food -- Argentine, Brazilian, Puerto Rican, and countries that have spicy cuisines, like India." She also believes consumers are looking for healthier options “less butter, cream and heaviness" and healthier preparation techniques. Meanwhile, Chef Bobby Flay predicts more Mediterranean influences, not from Italy or Greece, but from places like Croatia. He thinks plating will be more simple and clean. "People are getting tired of having a lot of stuff on their plates and want a clean presentation and easier accessibility to their food," he says. More local and seasonal ingredients and more of the artisan style is taking precedent, according to Chef Guy Fieri. He also is seeing more small portions. "I don't think fried chicken will ever get to the point where people are getting local free-range, non-cooped chicken, but they are starting to look internally to the community and see how they can support local foods," he says.