Green advertising tricky business

Although consumers have better-than-average recall when it comes to remembering green advertising, they aren't buying into the claims, reports More than 70 percent of respondents to a Burst Media online survey in April of some 6,000 consumers, recalled seeing green ads at least occasionally, yet more than 20 percent said they never believe the claims. And a whopping two-thirds say they only believe the claims "sometimes." Five percent of respondents classify themselves as “completely green” and are champions of green advertising. Some 44 percent of them think advertisers are doing an excellent or good job at providing information on green claims, compared to less than 20 percent of the much larger group of consumers classified as "aspirationally green." Another key difference between the true and casual green consumers was their motives for going green. Casual greenies cited "good for the environment" (62 percent) as their top reason, while completely green consumers said it was "to live a better quality of life" (48 percent). When it comes right down to it, “sustainability” messaging to casual green consumers is the most effective strategy, and “quality of life,” a more personal message, will resonate with deeply engaged green consumers.