Jaw dropping experience

"Open wide" doesn't begin to describe one Which Wich customer's unforgettable experience with the chain's popular Wicked Wich sandwich (comprised of five kinds of meat and double cheese), reports Restaurant News. Chad Ettmueller, Cumming, Ga., attempted to bite into one, his jaw locked, his mouth stayed wide open for 14 hours, he was treated at three different hospitals, and never did get to eat his sandwich.


"It was literally a jaw dropping experience," said Ettmueller, whose family thought he was joking. Ettmueller was ultimately transported by ambulance to Emory Hospital where he and his family heard the official diagnosis: "double dislocation of the mandible," which was corrected by an oral surgeon through jaw manipulation. Ettmueller's best friend, who met him at the hospital retrieved the meaty culprit and ate it. "It was a mercy killing. I had to eat the sandwich that almost ate my friend!"

Jeff Sinelli, Which Wich founder and chief vibe officer is supplying Ettmueller with as many milkshakes as he wants, and wants fans to gave him one of three honorary names: "Lock-Jaw," "Double Dislocator," or "Jaw Wrecker." @Whichwich, Facebook at the Which Wich fan page or email info@whichwich.com.