Mad for Mad Men

If you are as big a fan of AMC’s Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning drama “Mad Men” as I am, you’ll enjoy participating in Eight O’Clock Coffee’s viral marketing and social media applications.

The third season of the fascinating dark series about advertising in the 60’s will premiere this Sunday. Actual ad campaigns, many of them popular foods and beverages at that time, are incorporated into the crisp writing.

Initiatives include: “Mad Men Yourself,” a new online avatar creator featuring artwork by acclaimed illustrator Dyna Moe; “Which MadMan Are You?,” a quiz game that identifies which character you most align with; and “Mad Men eCards” featuring the show’s most popular characters. Eight O’Clock Coffee, as popular today as it was back in the ‘60s, is the sponsor for all three applications.

Most intriguing and available at, “Mad Men Yourself” allows fans to create and customize ‘60s-style digital avatars, based on Dyna Moe’s distinct illustrative style, that reflect the look of “Mad Men’s” iconic characters – from smooth-talking Creative Director Don Draper (Jon Hamm) to Sterling Cooper’s smart and sassy office manager Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks). “Mad Men Yourself” users can select details from ‘body type’ and ‘physical features’ to ‘clothing’ and ‘setting’ to create an avatar that is truly a visual representation of themselves. “Mad Men Yourself” avatars can be downloaded and shared on a variety of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and the iPhone. Eight O’Clock Coffee messaging is tastefully integrated throughout.

“These exciting new activities allow us to not only reach a broader audience for ‘Mad Men,’ but also extend the undeniable pop-culture presence this series has established over its first two seasons,” said Gina Hughes, VP of Marketing for AMC. “This is a perfect next step for us in providing audiences with a unique, interactive experience that invites them to engage with this series like never before, and we are excited to welcome Eight O’Clock Coffee to sponsor these initiatives.”
“These fun applications bring together a top-rated coffee and an award-winning series to help people discover new ways to connect,” said Alisa Jacoby, Senior Brand Manager for Eight O’Clock Coffee. “While Eight O’Clock Coffee has been a connection enjoyed by generations for 150 years, this adds another dimension to the experience.”