Man aisles debut

Shopping scientist and author Herb Sorenson says we're seeing a societal evolution at the grocery store, reports Men are doing more shopping, and supermarkets such as Walmart and Target are adding "man aisles" to some of their locations.


An ESPN study found 31 percent of grocery shoppers are men, compared to 1985, when only 14 percent handled the shopping duties. Men's behavior in the store is more impulsive, he ignores what's on the list, is more motivated by a deal, and spends less time in the aisles.


So who spends more -- the hunters or the gatherers? Neilson research shows women spend an average of $44.43 a trip while men spend $34.81.


But as the erosion of the traditional family continues, don't count out the men. Just remember when you send dad to the grocery store for milk, he probably will come back with a six-pack of beer and some Doritos.