Many women just skip meals

One-third of U.S. women say they would give up sex for a month if they could lose weight, but many women just skip meals, according to a survey by White Plaines, N.Y.-based Dannon, reports UPI. The Dannon Light & Fit recent calorie IQ survey found more than one-third of women report skipping meals several times a week or more often. In addition, 25 percent of women report that they have eaten something else in place of a meal, with 10 percent opting for dessert, 9 percent gulping down a diet soft drink and 6 percent choosing potato chips or French fries as a sufficient meal replacement. Many women agreed that consuming nutrient-rich foods is an important way to manage their weight, but 42 percent have a difficult time identifying foods that have reduced calories and fat. However, women do report that portion control and calorie content are some of the key factors they consider when looking for foods to keep them on track with weight management. Gee, and all this time I thought yogurt topped with M&M’s was a meal.