McCormick's flavor forecast goes global

Expanded beyond our borders to reflect a global perspective, McCormick & Co. Inc.'s 12th annual Flavor Forecast was compiled by a global panel of chefs, sensory scientists, trend trackers, marketing experts and food technologists. It showcases six flavor trends, and flavor combinations with global impact.

Trends include: Honoring Roots, or balancing modern flair with cultural authenticity, exemplified by Korean pepper paste with sesame Asian pear and garlic BBQ, Cumin with sofrito and; Quest for the Ultimate, as flavor fanatics search for the ultimate taste experience. Flavor combinations include Meyer lemon with lemon thyme, limoncello and lemon peel and Dill with mint, melon and cucumber; Veggies in Vogue, fresh seasonal veggies impress with inventive bursts of flavor. Flavor combinations include Eggplant with honey and harissa and Squash with red curry and pancetta;; Simplicity Shines, clear unpretentious flavors, Flavors include Ginger with coconut and Vanilla with butter; Flavorful Swaps, balancing flavor to achieve wellness goals. Combinations include Red tea with cinnamon and plum and Grapefruit with red pepper; and No Boundaries, shedding the confines of traditional rules. Flavor combinations are Blueberry with cardamom and corn masa, and Sweet soy with tamarind and black pepper.

American consumers in particular love the various components of global cuisine. Such foods often have simple, ingredients like fresh spices and ancient grains. Many of today's hot new products, from snacks (falafel chips) to frozen entrees (vegetable korma) are inspired by (or are a direct descendant of) faraway foods. Balancing bold flavor with hunger for health is key to achieving wellness goals, without sacrificing enjoyment, is key.