Nourishing your skin from within

Nestle has officially launched Glowelle, a beauty drink dietary supplement that "protects and hydrates the inner and outer layers of the skin," includes a proprietary blend of high-antioxidant vitamins, botanical and fruit extracts, and phtyo-nutrients, in the U.S., reports MediaPost. Not the first cosmeceutical to debut in the states, Glowelle nevertheless is being marketed as a product that "fights the signs of aging by nourishing your skin from within." It comes in two flavors -- Natural Pomegranate Lychee and Natural Raspberry Jasmine -- and is available in ready-to-drink glass bottles ($7) and powder stick packs ($112 for a 30-day supply or $40 for a seven-day supply. The packs even come with a canvas carrying pouch). Sold exclusively through Neiman Marcus's 41 stores nationwide (and Web site) and Bergdorf Goodman's store in New York City, Glowelle invites consumers to "Fall in love with your skin in 30 days" and "Drink in pretty." The launch campaign includes "heavy outreach" through women's magazines and blogs targeting beauty pages, celebrity and influencer sampling, and giveaways. NV Perricone MD and Borba been doing brisk business with ingestible products that tout skin-enhancement and other appearance benefits, and Coca-Cola is teaming with L'Oréal to produce a tea-based skin-care drink, Lumaé, due to be launched this year. But Nestle’s Glowell is the first such product to come from a major food & beverage company.