Packers and Steelers fans love pizza

Pizza is the most popular food on Super Bowl Sunday, in fact, it is one of the top five pizza-ordering days of the year (along with Halloween, the day before Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day), reports Associated Press. "Pizza is a party food. It's a communal food. It's meant to be shared. It's inexpensive and everyone likes it," according to Jeremy White, editor-in-chief of Pizza Today.


Papa John's, the official pizza sponsor of Super Bowl XLV, is offering free pizzas to members of its My Papa Points Program if the game goes into overtime. It expects to travel 300,000 miles, the equivalent of 1.3 round trips to the moon, for deliveries. The chain expects to sell a million pizzas Feb. 6, making it their biggest day of the year. In preparation, and the 3,200-restaurant chain will be shipping over 2 million pounds of cheese through its 10 distribution centers along with 350,000 pounds of pepperoni; Domino's Pizza expects to deliver more than 9 million slices; Pizza Hut, which is accepting preorders, is offering its Big Dipper, which is nearly 2 feet long, with one topping for $12, if you preorder, and expects to sell 2 million pies, up from 1.7 million last year.


Pizza restaurants are gearing up for the big day, reports the Washington Post. Trendier toppings like sun-dried tomatoes and avocados have gained in popularity over the past few years, but on Super Bowl Sunday old favorites like pepperoni and sausage tend to rule. Hormel is the biggest-selling pepperoni brand, and in the run-up to the Super Bowl this Sunday, the company has sold enough pepperoni (40 million feet) to tunnel all the way through the planet Earth, said Holly Drennan, a product manager, reports The New York Times.


If you prefer to make your own pizza, has a collection of Super Bowl pizza recipes. And, if you are cooking-impaired, you can always serve a great frozen pizza right out of your freezer.

Enjoy the Super Bowl and your pizza.