Pepquinos are coming

Pepquinos are the world's only bite-size melon, reports Slashfood. Yes, you heard that right. These 3/4-inch fruits, a combination of cucumber and melon, are the size of grapes. They are being grown in Long Island, N.Y., will be ready this summer and debut on the East Coast in the U.S., but will not be ready for food production until 2020.
A naturally occurring fruit from South America, they have been grown for four years in the Netherlands by Koppert Cress. Ironically, they were grown in the town of Monster. The melons grow on vines, their rind is edible, they look like a quail's egg, taste like crunchy cucumber and are available in Europe from early May to November.
European chefs have been thinly slicing the fruits and pairing them with kumquats, among other things, and Britain's Daily Mail reported that a box of approximately 50 pepquinos sell for $15.