PepsiCo scores highest in Super Bowl commercials

Winning commercials at this year's Super Bowl according to Nielsen include Doritos' "Sling Baby," which earned the rare distinction of being both the most memorable and best-liked ad, indexing 177 on the former and 190 on the latter, reports Marketing Daily. Doritos' "Man's Best Friend" came in at No. 2 in the best-liked (indexing 182), and a third place on best-remembered (indexing 173). M&M's' "Just My Shell," debuting the mysterious Ms. Brown, was close behind Doritos in the Nielsen results, scoring second in the remembered rankings (175) and third among best-liked (171).

Other best-remembered winners: No 4, Skechers' "Go Run Mr. Quiggly!" (164); No. 5, Coca-Cola's "Catch" (163); No 6, Bud Light's "Rescue Dog-Weego" (161); No. 7, Pepsi's "King's Court" (155); No. 8, Budweiser's  "Eternal Optimism" (150); No. 9,'s "Body Paint" (149); and No. 10, Budweiser's "Return of the King" (145).
Other best-liked winners: No. 4, E*Trade's "Best Man" (158); No. 5, Coke's "Superstition" (152); No. 6, Bud Light's "Rescue Dog-Weego" (143); No. 7, Audi's "Vampire Party"  (139); No. 8, Chrysler's "Half Time/Clint Eastwood" (137); No. 9, Chevrolet's  "Happy Grad" (130); and No. 10, Honda's "Matthew Broderick's Day Off" (129).

In the USA Today meter results, "Sling Baby" also came in first in the USA Today/Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter, the first time that viewers (rather than a preselected panel) determined the meter's results. Bud Light's "Rescue Dog-Weego" placed a close second, and the Chrysler Eastwood ad and Kia's "A Dream Car. For Real/Adriana Lima" tied for third.