Pizza preferences - Square or Slices

Palermo's Pizza of Milwaukee has been on a nationwide spin-off campaign tour for Decision 2K10: Square Vs. Slice to determine how Americans prefer to have their pizza cut: In squares or slices? As voters have cast their ballots, interesting trends have emerged correlating pizza-cutting preferences and political views.

Like any good campaign, the candidates have coming out swinging. Both Square and Slice have released their first advertisements, touting their significance and culinary superiority. As you can see, the videos are a comedic parody of a political ad.


Pizza-lovers side with the left -- Since voting began on June 1, 46.7 percent of respondents identified themselves as Democrats (32.9 percent) or Green Party members.  Republicans/Libertarians garner just 21.9 percent of the vote, and Nonpartisan/Independents account for the remaining 31.4 percent. Republicans/Democrats agree on one thing: Pizza cut in Slices -- In a Congress as polarized as ever, maybe our representatives can look to pizza-cutting for common ground! More than two-thirds of each party believe pizza ought to be divided into Slices.

If you are undecided which side of the pizza-cutting aisle you belong to, take this Facebook Quiz to help find out:

As a traditionalist, I voted for slices.