Potato chips grow on farms

Kids in the UK are so ignorant about the food they eat, one in 20 of them believe that potato chips grow on farms, according to a Dairy Farmers of Britain (DFB) survey of 1,000 children, reports NewKerala.com. Although it is shocking, the survey also found that 6 percent do not know where milk comes from, and while 11 percent don’t believe potatoes are grown on farms, 7 percent think Chicken Kievs come from farms. "It is clear from our findings that children still need to be educated where their food comes from," says Phil Gibson, DFB’s head of corporate affairs, an understatement to be sure. The survey comes on the heels of previous research which found 2 percent of city children think cows lay eggs, while one in three think eating grass will turn cows' milk green. Kids in the U.S. don’t fare much better, at least those I’ve met. When I visited a grade school in the U.S. last year, I asked the third-graders to draw a picture of a fish. Much to my dismay, half the pictures were shaped like a fish stick. Then I asked them to draw a picture of a chicken. You guessed it; a majority drew chicken nuggets.