Pregnant pause

Expectant mothers can give their children a taste for healthy foods by eating them during pregnancy or when breast-feeding, according to a study of the development of food and flavor preferences by scientists at Monell Chemical Senses Centre in Philadelphia, reports A lifelong taste for fruit and vegetables can be instilled in babies before they are born since the taste is transferred to the child through amniotic fluids in the womb. After birth, taste and smell is transferred to the infant through the mother's milk. The findings suggest rates of obesity can be cut down if the child develops a taste for healthy foods before he or she has the opportunity to sample the delights of chocolate and chips. Okay, that may be a generally good strategy, but what happens after the baby's tastebuds kick in? If someone inadvertently gives the child chocolate candy, will he spit it out in disgust and cry for brussels sprouts instead? I don't think so. The truth is chocolate tastes better than brussels (yes that is the correct spelling) sprouts and pleasuring the palate is what a good life (no matter what your age) is all about.