Recycle cans to feed America's hungry

We all know the positive environmental impact of recycling, but the Washington-based Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) and their Great American Can Roundup partner Food For All take it a step further during National Canned Food Month, also known as February. During National Canned Food Month, the organizations encourage recyclers nationwide to donate their recycling proceeds to feed the hungry.

As poverty numbers increase nationwide and more and more people need help feeding their families, shelves at food banks across the country are bare. CMI and Food For All address the hunger issue here in the U.S. by donating aluminum beverage can recycling proceeds to help put food on the tables of America’s families in need. 

CMI launched their “Roundup” recycling initiative in September 2010 to help organizations recycle cans for cash and raise environmental awareness among participants. Last year, the aluminum industry paid out more than $800 million to can recyclers – every can CAN count towards feeding America’s hungry.


CMI’s partnership with the non-profit organization Food For All provides “Roundup” participants and recyclers all across America the choice to donate the money they collect from recycling.  Food For All will distribute the donated recycling proceeds to soup kitchens and food banks in local cities and towns, nationwide.


“By partnering with Food For All, we saw the opportunity to use recycling not only to help the environment, but additionally to help people in need,” says Robert Budway, president of the Can Manufacturers Institute. “We are confident that during National Canned Food Month, Americans will prove how charitable they are.”

For more information on donating to Food For All, check out and