Smart fridge could revolutionize mealtime

Scientists at the University of Central Lancashire and online supermarket Ocado in Britain, have designed the 'fridge of the future,' which tells you what to cook with your left-overs and automatically re-orders fresh food based on your needs, reports SiFy News.

Not only is it a self-cleaning refrigerator,' it will scan the shelves to see what is available, plan meals, automatically place supermarket home delivery orders and monitor gasses released by degrading foods and move them (based on use-by dates) to the front shelves. Researchers also hope it will cut down on wasted food and offer recipes (tailored to different countries, cuisines and seasons depending on whether people want to whip up something Italian or fancy a curry.

With the British (and Americans as well) putting in 36 million hours every year of free overtime - leaving little time for household chores, the fridge could help save precious time during hectic modern-day lives, the Daily Mail reports.

The smart fridge uses 'nano-articulated technology' shelf surfaces which. Although smooth to touch, they will have millions of independently controlled micro-tiles to maneuver products that need to be eaten soon to the fridge's front. Built into the door, ultrasound-scanning technology allows the fridge to 'swipe and capture' the food on a plate before and after mealtime, meaning it can assess what type and amount of food is wasted.

Simon Somerville, a future forecasting expert from the University of Central Lancashire, said that people feeling lazy could use the proposed fridge to whip up a recipe for them.

If you want one, you'll have to wait awhile. No word on when it will be available.