Super Bowl stock market indicator

The Super Bowl Indicator says that if a team from the old American Football League team wins, stock markets go down; if a team from the old National Football League team wins, the markets will go up, reports Parade. According to investment strategist Robert Stovall, the Indicator has been accurate for 34 of the previous 43 Super Bowls. With the win of the New Orleans Saints, the market should be bullish.


Although American's were predicted to spend less on their Super Bowl parties - an average of $52.63 this year - certain categories were expected to see a sales boost during the two-week period surrounding the event, reports the Chicago Tribune. According to Nielsen Co., BIGresearch, sales of tortilla chips were up 19.3 percent last year, corn chips rose 15.4 percent, crackers went up 14.4 percent, potato chips rose 12.8 percent, pretzels were up 6.4 percent and puffed cheese snacks increased 3.7 percent. We'll be watching.

On the advertising front, some of the most popular food/beverage commercials this year were Snickers: Betty White; Anheuser-Busch's Clydesdale Friend, Doritos: Dog Gets Revenge, Coke: Sleep Walking, Doritos: Play Nice and Budweiser; Body Builder.

Congratulations to the Saints.

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