Sweets for the sweet

"We frequently describe people as sweet, sour, fiery, bitter, but have you ever stopped to think if maybe these types of people actually like the associated foods," asks Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert? A recent study, published in the Journal of Personality Social Psychology, found a preference for sweets is an indication that a person is more agreeable and helpful, but not extroverted or neurotic.


In one of five studies from researchers at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, St. Xavier University in Chicago and North Dakota State University (involving more than 500 people) found those who choose to eat a piece of chocolate rather than a non-sweet food are more likely to volunteer and help another person in need.


In another study, researchers found that people also associate having a sweet tooth with a pleasant disposition. When participants were shown photos of people with neutral facial expressions, with comments under the pictures that said they liked eating chocolate, respondents actually rated those associated with sweet food higher in agreeableness.