Talk to me

Russians have a saying - drinking is bad for you, but not drinking is much worse! reports BBC News. And to encourage consumers to drink more vodka, a team of scientists at a Moscow workshop developed the world's first ever talking vodka bottle top, possible because of the latest microchip technology. A vodka genie repeats all the popular Russian toasts, and encourages taking a drink. Each time one takes the top off the bottle, the genie’s speech becomes more slurred. "It's very easy, you just open the bottle, you hear the genie laughing, it gives you some time to pour your glasses, then it is time to the toast and the genie says 'Friends let's drink for all of us!" explains inventor Dmitry Zhurin. Russian consumers who tried it found the talking bottle cap quite appealing. Then again, they might embrace any product that gave them an opportunity to drink more vodka. Actually this sort of technology has been available in the U.S. for quite some time. About 15 years ago, I played with a cereal box that could talk to you. I believe it said “Good Morning,” but could be customized. I loved it, but it was too expensive to produce on a mass level. I’d love a cereal box that would get me up in the morning. “Wake up, wake up, you sluggard! and repeat it until I got up. And why not a milk bottle that sings you a lullaby before you go to bed?