Test drive premium brand extensions

Big brands, small brands, celebrity brands are scrambling to make news, reports CultureWaves, Tide Report. Established brands from fashion, entertainment, and electronics are expanding into other categories. In a downturning market, making celebrity affordable can pay off. Branching out is the key: Oprah with her own store, Google and Yahoo accessible in your car, and how about Armani opening up a spa in Japan?  One of the more interesting brand extensions is focused toward men, who are showing more interest in kitchens—and this one should literally have them salivating. Porsche Design Group worked with Poggenpohl to design the “ultimate kitchen,” a combination of handsome aluminum, satin-finished glass, no-handle cabinets, a hi-tech audio/visual system, and artistic lighting. Look for it to be introduced later this year. What man wouldn't trust a Porsche extension to be sexy, superstylish, and guaranteed to deliver superior performance? Taking the high end (everyone wants a luxurious treat, especially when watching daily expenditures) and making the price affordable can also be a very successful strategy for the food industry, even in tough times.  All you have to do is take a look at what’s going in specialty chocolate, alcoholic beverages and premium food extensions.