“That’s Grrrreat!”

 Kellogg has sufficient evidence to support its Frosted Flakes Gold cereal "long-lasting energy" claim, according to the Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU), an investigative unit under the National Advertising Review Council, who set out to substantiate those claims, reports Brandweek.   CARU ruled that Kellogg, which introduced Frosted Flakes Gold as a ready-to-eat cereal product with a complex carbohydrate mix (17 grams of complex carbs, 10 of which come from whole grain corn and whole grain wheat), adequately backed such claims.  "Following its review, CARU determined that Kellogg provided a reasonable basis for its express and implied 'long-lasting energy' claims as expressed on its product packaging and in its television commercial," the board said. The TV spot in question shows children and teens engaging in a series of sports while a voiceover asks: "When the game is on the line, will you have the power of Gold?  New Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Gold. For long-lasting energy when you need it most. Crunchy flakes with whole grain and sweet golden honey. It's the long-lasting energy part of a nutritious breakfast." Packaging for the cereal underscores the same point. The box of Frosted Flakes Gold depicts Tony the Tiger with his trademark thumbs-up sign, along with phrases such as "long-lasting energy." As Tony the Tiger would say, CARU