Top food trends from J. Walter Thompson

Bacon, wine cocktails and a consumer backlash against ubiquitous nutritional claims by food manufacturers are among the top five food trends for 2010, according to advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Bacon is no longer just for BLT sandwiches: Bacon is showing up in cocktails made with bacon-infused liquor or the new Bakon Vodka. It's also in desserts such as bacon-and-egg ice cream and chocolate bars.

Fast food goes organic:  According to the  agency, organic has become "the new hook in quick-service eateries." It cites chains such as Organic to Go, Naked Pizza and O!Burger popping up around the U.S. and notes that the trend has hit Europe, too.

Wine cocktails: Look for bars and restaurants to do more mixing of wine with juices, distilled spirits and sodas to create new flavor combinations and cocktail-like drinks with lower alcohol content.

Health-claim backlash: Government authorities and health and nutrition experts are paying more attention to the proliferation of health and nutrition claims from food and beverage brands, pointing out inaccuracies and asking for changes. Shoppers also "will increasingly take health messaging with a grain of salt," according to JWT.

Sardines are the new tuna: Sardines will appear on menus, often grilled or pan-roasted. It's being touted for good environmental credentials and health attributes -- low in mercury and high in omega-3 fatty acids.