Trick or treat

According to a Visa survey, the average American will spend $47 on candy and decorations this Halloween, up from $40 last year, reports the Nashville Business Journal. Other findings include: A whopping 75 percent of Americans plan to celebrate the holiday; On average, men estimate they will spend $50 on Halloween, while women say they will spend $43; Consumers under the age of 45 will spend $55, while older consumers will spend $38; Urbanites ($51) intend to spend $8 more than those who live in the suburbs ($43), and suburbanites are spending $4 more, on average, than those who live in rural areas ($39);  Parents with children ages 18 or younger living at home are planning to spend an average of $57  on Halloween candy and decorations, compared with $40 for those without children living at home.

According to the National Retail Federation, the amount spent on Halloween candy is rising – to $20.39 per person. So don’t disappoint the goblin, ghost, pirate, princess or superhero banging on your door. And for goodness sake, don’t eat all the candy before they arrive.