Weirdest ice creams

Restaurants love to give us unexpected flavor combinations to create sensory appeal, and some of the most unique flavors are being combined in ice cream offerings, reports Collen Kane, (Thanks to CultureWaves for turning us on to this story.) New York City based Restaurant Rosa Mexicano, the 2008 James Beard award winner, offers Rosa Mexicano's Vampiro ice cream (A piquant and refreshing sorbet made from fresh beets; Rosa Mexicano’s Chia Con Limon (lemon sorbet with Chia seeds); Rosa Mexicano’s Avocado; Rosa Mexicano’s Tomato-Habanero. Ice cream offerings from other vendors include: Salad (complete with chunks of vegetables); Bacon and Egg; Mustard; Pickle; Foie gras; Asparagus and Parmesan; Prune and Armagnac; Raw Horseflesh (yuk!); Smurf (Puffo); Chilton Cheese; Tequila; Tongue (from Japan); and Smoked Trout and Tuna and Cheeseburger (both from Venezuela). Well, I haven’t had a chance to try any of them, but certainly am willing (anything for Food Processing), but until then, just hand over my Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. Bon Appétit! Asylum Culture Waves