What do Americans really want?

Give us more chocolate, vacation and sleep, but hold the celebrity gossip and reality TV. Mars Chocolate North America today announced the results of an Impulse Research survey of 1,040 consumers commissioned by the 3 Musketeers Brand. While more than 90 percent of Americans want more chocolate, vacation and sleep, nearly an equal amount of those surveyed (89 percent) indicated that they've had enough of the bicep-bulging, fist pumping, feuding, shore-loving friends. Splitting hairs, slightly more Americans (51 percent) want more face-to-face, real world interactions with their social media contacts.


Other findings include: With nearly 1,000 channels available on cable and satellite systems, the majority of Americans want more TV channels (58 percent); two out of three Americans want to watch less dancing celebrities, amateur singers and fashion or culinary hopefuls on TV; as crucial and cool as technology has become, slightly more people (54 percent) are interested in having less Gs, Ds, Apps and other technology; an average of $200 million is being pumped into summer blockbusters; but, nearly two out of three (66 percent) Americans would like to watch less super hero-themed movies; three out of four Americans would like less fashion weeks, film festivals and award shows; before campaign season official begins, nearly 90 percent of those surveyed would like to see less bickering elephants, donkeys and tea cups. Also, 82 percent of respondents would like to see less politically slanted cable TV shows; and nearly 80 percent of Americans want less celebrity gossip.


Mars recently launched a tastier 3 Musketeers bar, featuring an updated recipe that delivers more chocolate taste. The new recipe adds more satisfying chocolate taste to the nougat and with 45 percent less fat than average of the leading chocolate brands, the new bar still offers a great tasting, lighter way to enjoy chocolate.


"The updated 3 Musketeers bar still has the same fluffy personality," says Chief Consumer Officer for Mars Chocolate North America Debra A. Sandler, "but now the bar is packed with even more chocolate taste that consumers love."     www.3musketeers.com