What’s a mom’s job worth?

CEO and CFO compensation is a hot topic in every organization, especially if company shares are stagnant or falling. But even more controversial is the lack of compensation for the chief mom officer, who doesn't get a paycheck. In an effort to determine mom's monetary worth, Waltham, Mass.-based Salary.com conducted a survey of 40,000 stay-at-home and working full-time moms. It found that the typical stay-at-home mom works a 92-hour week, dividing her time by performing 10 jobs matching the description of her duties. In order of hours spent on them each week, they are: housekeeper; day-care center teacher; cook; computer operator; laundry machine operator; janitor; facilities manager; van driver; chief executive officer and psychologist. Using median salaries for her duties, the company estimates that mom should be paid $138,095 annually. Mothers who work full-time jobs outside the home spend 44 hours in the office and about 49.8 hours at their mom job, for a total of 93.8 hours per week. They should be compensated with $85,939 per year for their mom job (in addition to their salary). Mom can now create her own personal interactive Mom paycheck, along with a pay stub that can be printed out and presented to the family. And dad, when it's presented to you, it wouldn't hurt to throw in a massage, manicure, lovely meal, glass of wine and a heart-felt thank you. CNN  Mom's interactive paycheck