What's HOT for college students?

Hot off the press for Valentine's Day is Just Born's Hot Tamales 3 Alarm Report on "What's Hot with College Students." Hot Tamales brand Chewy Cinnamon Flavored Candies is a leader of all things "hot" and shares this lighthearted look at young college students between the ages of 18-24. Exploring a range of topics targeting this demographic, Hot Tamales received some sizzling hot responses this month.


Hottest drinks for 18-24 year old students who need a buzz are: Coffee (35 percent; Energy Drinks (28 percent); Rum or Vodka (25 percent); and Beer (10 percent). As for the Hottest food trend, Students chose: Fresh or Supporting Local Growers (43 percent); Yogurt (Greek, Frozen etc.) (36 percent); Food trucks (13 percent); and sexy foods such as oysters, nutmeg, etc. (7 percent).

When asked about the "Hottest" TV celebrity, college students have the

pulse and chose a heartthrob! They include: Ashton Kutcher (Two and A Half Men) (34 percent)Zooey Deschanel (New Girl)) (24 percent); Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) (21 percent); and Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) (17 percent). What's the "Hottest Reality TV Show?" Participants like shows featuring real talent: American Idol (33 percent); Dancing with the Stars (28 percent); X-Factor (18 percent); and The Voice (15 percent). Survey participants prefer a "Safe House" over "Twilight": Ryan Reynolds (32 percent); Mila Kunis (25 percent); Emma Stone (21 percent); and Robert Pattinson (17 percent).


Trendsetting college students say the Hottest Celebrity Trend is making changes including: Hair color and style changes (36 percent); Tattoos and piercings (27 percent); Showing off kids and small pets (21 percent); and Extreme plastic surgery (14 percent).

There is girl power on the music scene this year. Respondents voted the

Teenage Dream girl to be the hottest: Katy Perry (35 percent); Rihanna (29 percent); Lady Gaga (23 percent; and Chris Brown (10 percent).He shoots and scores as the hottest athlete. Lebron James (39 percent);

Michael Phelps (23 percent); Serena Williams (17 percent); Derek Jeter (17 percent). Even when choosing a game, technology wins with students: Modern Warfare 3 (36 percent); Angry Birds (27 percent); Words with Friends (23 percent); and Cards, Poker, Black Jack, etc. (27 percent).


Their "hottest" Spring Break destinations are: Florida (35 percent); Bahamas (27 percent); Mexico (23 percent); South Padre Island, and Texas (13 percent).

"With the launch of our new Hot Tamales 3 Alarm, we wanted to take the temperature of American culture through the eyes of America's College Students," says Donald Huston, senior brand manager. We surveyed students between 18 and 24 years old and 59 percent were females. The report represents a fresh and fascinating look at some fun, lifestyle trends."