What's next for Larry King?

After more than 50 years in broadcasting, Emmy-award winning interview icon Larry King recently announced he is leaving CNN's Larry King Live show. What's next on his agenda? He's planning to assist in franchise development for The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., reports Restaurant News.


The quick service restaurant chain develops Brooklynized water, which is bottled and sold at the restaurants and used in all its products - from authentic Brooklyn water bagels to sandwiches, to freshly ground roast gourmet coffee make with real iced coffee cubes.


King, who was born in Brooklyn, will promote the company in print, radio and Internet promotions, develop the Southern California region franchises, and will open the first location in Beverly Hills.


"I was intrigued to hear about the technology behind Brooklynized water as many people thought it couldn't be done," said King. "But after experiencing the product first hand, Brooklyn Water Bagel brought back childhood memories - one bite and I was back in Brooklyn."