What's your favorite pie?

We are a nation that puts apple pie above all other pies, but that's not the whole scoop on popular pies, reports NPR.


A survey of 14,000 people conducted by NPR found 17 percent chose apple, followed by strawberry rhubarb (16 percent), pumpkin (14 percent), cherry (11 percent), and blueberry (8 percent), but hundreds made strong write-in cases for pecan, peach and key lime pies to come out on top.


The top pies have remained the most popular for the last five years, says Jonna Parker, who studies bakery market trends account services at Nielsen's Perishables Group. "People like tradition, but more and more in the last five years, they want a change," she says. A change, like trying chocolate pie, or and blood orange, or regional flavors like sweet potato.


Cherry appears to be making a play for apple's crown. According to Nielsen, cherry pie sales grew by 7.8 percent in 2011 over 2010.


Parker attributes the cherry growth to the fruit's growing reputation as a "super fruit" - full of antioxidants. Blueberry may be getting some credibility here, too, for the same reason. "I think people are making that connection," she says.