Which is your favorite M&M's character?

America has always loved M&M'S characters - in fact, according to a recent study conducted by E-Poll Market Research, the M&M'S characters are the most beloved adspokescharacters in America.

For the first time, M&M'S is asking which one America loves most. Between now and July 15, 2010, fans can vote for their favorite M&M'S character -- Red, Green, Yellow, Orange or Blue - at www.MMS.com. By casting their vote, fans will not only have a voice in deciding the winning character, but also the chance to win dozens of prizes including a $50,000 cash prize, a special M&M'S branded guitar and $25 M&M'S Discover debit cards - to name a few.


Each M&M'S character embodies their own fun-loving personality: Red is the leader of the crew - or so he thinks. He's scheming in a fun, mischievous way, sarcastic and tends to be theatrical; Green is the attractive and intelligent one and she knows it. She's flirty and quick-witted with the rest of the gang - all of whom she finds a bit childish; Yellow is more naïve and clumsy than the other characters. He's also easily impressed - all in an innocent and charming way; Orange is irresistible and delicious, leaving him feeling as though he's doomed to be eaten; and Blue is cool and maybe too sure of himself. He's always up on current events and loves to people watch.

"We love all of our M&M'S characters," says Debra A. Sandler, chief consumer officer, Mars Chocolate North America. "But just like any proud parent, we can't pick a favorite, so we're asking America to choose."