Wired Waffles?


While energy drink giants duke it out, Wired Waffles has created its own niche to capitalize on a multibillion-dollar market, reports PRWEB. Seattle-based Wired Waffles created a gourmet caffeinated toaster waffle boasting 200mg of caffeine.


Traditional liege style waffles, created from an authentic Belgium Recipe, Wired Waffles have a crispy golden brown outside with caramelized pearl sugar and a soft chewy inside that does not need any kind of syrup or toppings. This style of waffle has been sold by street vendors in Belgium for hundreds of years and is as much of a part of their culture as coffee is for the U.S. Combining the traditions of old world breakfast on the go and the over-exhausted needs of 21st century American, Wired Waffles contain two-and-a-half times the caffeine of a regular can of Red Bull in each waffle.


 "This is a market that is being driven by hard working people needing an edge," says Roger Sullivan, Wired Waffle founder and CEO. "Not everyone likes coffee or energy drinks so we are providing a tasty alternative. "Getting your morning kick should not be something that is unenjoyable or makes your face contort, it should be delicious, easy and effective. A waffle seemed to just make sense. Microwave it and go!"


The company is aggressively seeking qualified distribution and wholesale relationships in key geographic locations across the U.S. www.wiredwaffles.com