Top 100 Food Companies: Profiles 1-25

Aug. 22, 2008

The 2008 top 100 food and beverage processing companies in the U.S. and Canada are profiled in this annual feature. Find company contact information, major brands, key executives and main product areas.

1. Tyson Foods Inc.
2210 W. Oaklawn Drive, Springdale, AR 72762-6999
Phone: 479-290-4000; Fax: 479-290-4061; Web site:

Executives: Chairman: John Tyson; Pres./CEO: Richard Bond; SVP-Intl. Ops.: Mike Baker; SVP-Commodity Trading & Risk Management: Jean Mrha Beach; Group VP-Research & Development, Logistics & Tech Services: Hal Carper; SVP & CIO: Gary Cooper; Group VP & International Pres.: Rick Greubel Jr.; SVP, Controller & CAO: Craig Hart; VP, Assoc. General Counsel & Secretary: R. Read Hudson; Group VP-Ops: Donnie King; SVP-Human Resources: Ken Kimbro; EVP & CFO: Dennis Leatherby; Group VP-Food Service: Bernard Leonard; Sr. Group VP-Fresh Meats: James Lochner; SVP-External Relations: Archie Shaffer III; Group VP-Consumer Prods: Donnie Smith; EVP & General Counsel: David Van Bebber; SVP-Renewable Products: Jeff Webster; VP-Investor Relations & Asst. Secretary: Ruth Ann Wisener

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Prepared Foods, Other
Brands: Any'tizers, Bonici, Cavanaugh, Chairman’s Reserve, Cobb, Colonial, Corn King, Delightful Farms, Deli Slices, Doskocil, Golden Trophy, Hot Wings, IBP, Jefferson Meats, Joseph Copperfield's & Sons, Lady Aster, Mexican Original,Mr. Nuccio, Our American Favorite, Pizza Topper, Pizzano, Reuben, Russer, Solo Serves, Star Ranch Angus Beef, Star Ranch Natural Angus Beef, TastyBird,Tenderpressed, Thorn Apple Valley, Trimmed & Ready, Tyson, Weaver, Wilson, Wilson Foodservice, Wright, Wunderbar

Major Product Areas: Beef, pork, poultry, frozen and prepared foods.

2. PepsiCo Inc.
700 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY 10577-1444
Phone: 914-253-2000; Fax: 914-253-2070; Web site:

Executives: Chairman, CEO: Indra Nooyi; SVP & Chief Procurement Officer: Mitch Adamek; SVP & Global Chief Information Officer/PBSG: Robert Dixon; CFO: Richard Goodman; Chief Scientific Officer: Mehmood Khan; SVP-Govt. Affairs, General Counsel & Secretary: Larry Thompson; CEO- PepsiCo Americas Foods: John Compton; Pres/CEO- Frito-Lay North America: Albert Carey; Pres.-Quaker Foods and Snacks North America : Mark Schiller; President-PepsiCo Sales: Tom Greco; CEO-PepsiCo Americas Beverages: Massimo d’Amore; Pres-Pepsi-Cola North America: Hugh Johnston; Pres-Gatorade: Todd Magazine; Pres-Latin America Beverages: Luis Montoya; Pres-PepsiCo Foodservice: Chris Furman; Pres-Tropicana: Neil Campbell; CEO-PepsiCo International, Vice Chairman-PepsiCo: Michael White; Pres-PepsiCo Asia Pacific: Tim Minges; Pres-PepsiCo Europe: Zein Abdalla; Pres-PepsiCo SAMEA Region: Saad Abdul-Latif; Pres-PepsiCo UK: Salman Amin

Subsidiaries, Divisions: PepsiCo Americas Beverages, PepsiCo International (incs. Former Frito-Lay, Pepsi-Cola, Quaker Foods, Tropicana, Gatorade)

Brands: Aquafina, Aunt Jemima, Chee-tos, Diet Pepsi, Dole, Doritos, Frappuccino Coffee Drink, Flat Earth, Fritos, Funyuns, Gamesa, Gatorade, Grandma’s Cookies, Lay’s, Lipton Brisk, Lipton Iced Tea, Lites, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Mug, Near East, Nobby Nuts, O’Grady’s, Parkers, Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Pepsi One, Propel, Quaker, Rice-A-Roni, Rold Gold, Ruffles, Sierra Mist, Slice, Smartfoods, Smith’s, SoBe, South Beach, Storm, SunChips, Tostitos, Tropicana, Tropicana Pure Premium, Tropicana Season’s Best, Walkers

Major Product Areas: Beverages, bakery, cereal, snacks, miscellaneous

3. Kraft Foods Inc.
Three Lakes Drive, Northfield, IL 60093
Phone: 847-646-2000; Fax: 847-646-6005; Web site:

Executives: Chairman, CEO: Irene Rosenfeld; EVP-Operations & Business Services: David Brearton; EVP and CFO: Timothy McLevish; EVP-Corporate & Legal Affairs and General Counsel: Marc Firestone; EVP-Global Human Resources: Karen May; EVP & Pres.-Kraft Intl.: Sanjay Khosla; EVP & Pres.-North America: Richard Searer; EVP-Research, Development & Quality: Jean Spence; EVP-Strategy: Michael Osanloo; EVP & CMO: Mary Beth West

Subsidiaries, Divisions: North America (segments: Beverages, Cheese & Foodservice, Convenient Meals, Grocery, Snacks & Cereals), International (European Union, Developing Markets)

Kraft North America

North America Beverages
Maxwell House, General Foods International, Starbucks (under license), Yuban, Sanka, Nabob, Gevalia, and Seattle’s Best (under license) coffees; Tassimo hot beverage system; Capri Sun (under license), Kool-Aid, and Crystal Light aseptic juice drinks; Kool-Aid, Tang, Crystal Light, and Country Time powdered beverages; and Tazo teas (under license).

North America Cheese & Foodservice
Kraft and Cracker Barrel natural cheeses; Philadelphia cream cheese; Kraft, Velveeta, and Cheez Whiz process cheeses; Kraft grated cheeses; Polly-O cheese; Deli Deluxe process cheese slices; and Breakstone’s and Knudsen cottage cheese and sour cream.

North America Convenient Meals
Convenient Meals:
DiGiorno, Tombstone, Jack’s, Delissio, and California Pizza Kitchen (under license) frozen pizzas; Lunchables lunch combinations; Oscar Mayer and Louis Rich cold cuts, hot dogs, and bacon; Boca soy-based meat alternatives; Kraft macaroni & cheese dinners; South Beach Living (under license) pizzas and meals; Taco Bell Home Originals (under license) meal kits; Stove Top stuffing mix; and Deli Creations complete sandwiches.
Grocery: Back to Nature crackers, cookies, cereals, and macaroni & cheese dinners.

North America Grocery
Jell-O dry packaged desserts; Cool Whip frozen whipped topping; Jell-O refrigerated gelatin and pudding snacks; Handi-Snacks shelf-stable pudding snacks; Kraft and Miracle Whip spoonable dressings; Kraft and Good Seasons salad dressings; A.1.steak sauce; Kraft and Bull’s-Eye barbecue sauces; Grey Poupon premium mustards; Shake N’ Bake coatings; and Kraft peanut butter.

North America Snacks & Cereals
Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, Newtons, Nilla, Nutter Butter, SnackWell’s, and Peek Freans cookies; Ritz, Premium, Triscuit, Wheat Thins, Cheese Nips, Honey Maid Grahams, and Teddy Grahams crackers; South Beach Living (under license) crackers, cookies, and snack bars; Planters nuts and salted snacks; Handi-Snacks two-compartment snacks; Terry’s and Toblerone chocolate confectionery products; Back to Nature bars; and Balance nutrition and energy snacks.
Cheese: Easy Cheese aerosol cheese spread.
Grocery: Post ready-to-eat cereals.

Kraft International

European Union
Milka, Suchard, Côte d’Or, Marabou, Toblerone, Freia, Terry’s, Daim/Dime, Figaro, Karuna, Lacta, Pavlides, Twist, Merenda, Meurisse, Prince Polo/Siesta, Mirabell, Pyros Mogyoros, Alpen Gold, Sport/Smash/Jazz, 3-Bit, and Belvita chocolate confectionery products; Estrella and Maarud salted snacks; and Oreo, Dorada, Digestive, Chiquilin, Tuc, Mini-Star, Mikado, Ourson, Petit Déjeuner, Cracotte, Belin, Heudebert, Grany, Petit Écolier, Pepito, Saiwa, Oro, Fonzies, Prince, Vitalinea, Opavia, and Gyori biscuits.

Beverages: Jacobs, Gevalia, Carte Noire, Jacques Vabre, Kaffee HAG, Grand’ Mère, Kenco, Saimaza, Meisterroestung, Maxwell House, Onko, Splendid, and Karat coffees; Tassimo hot beverage system; Tang powdered beverages; and Suchard Express, O’Boy, and Kaba chocolate drinks.

Cheese: Kraft, Dairylea, Sottilette, Osella, Mama Luise, and El Caserío cheeses; and Philadelphia cream cheese.

Grocery: Kraft pourable and spoonable salad dressings; Miracel Whip spoonable dressings; and Mirácoli sauces.

Convenient Meals: Lunchables lunch combinations; Kraft and Mirácoli pasta dinners and sauces; and Simmenthal canned meats.

Developing Markets
Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, Ritz, Club Social, Express, Kraker/Honey/Aveny Bran, Marbu, Dorada, Pepitos, Variedad, Pacific, Belvita, Cerealitas, Lucky, Trakinas, Tuc, Mini-Star, Mikado, Ourson, Petit Déjeuner, Cracotte, Bolshevik, Prichuda, Jubilee, Start, Major, Merendina, Jacob’s, Chipsmore, Twisties, Biskuat, Milk Biscuit, Hi Calcium Soda and Tuc & Tiki biscuits; Milka, Toblerone, Lacta, Côte d’Or, Shot, Terrabusi, Suchard, Alpen Gold, Karuna, Korona, Poiana, Svoge, Ukraina, Vozdushny, Chudny Vecher, Terry’s, and Gallito chocolate confectionery products; and Estrella, Maarud, Kar, Lux, and Planters nuts and salted snacks.

Beverages: Maxwell House, Maxim, Nova Brasilia, and Jacobs coffee; Tang, Clight, Kool-Aid, Verao, Frisco, Q-Refresh-Ko, Royal, and Fresh powdered beverages; Maguary juice concentrate and ready-to-drink beverages; and Capri Sun (under license) aseptic juice drinks.

Cheese: Kraft, Velveeta, and Eden process cheeses; Kraft and Philadelphia cream cheese; Kraft natural cheese; and Cheez Whiz process cheese spread.

Grocery: Royal dry packaged desserts; Post ready-to-eat cereals; Kraft spoonable and pourable salad dressings; Miracle Whip spoonable dressings; Jell-O dessert toppings; Kraft peanut butter; and Vegemite yeast spread.
Convenient Meals: Kraft macaroni & cheese dinners.

Major Product Areas: Biscuits/crackers, cheese, grain products, meat and poultry, confectionery, packaged meals, miscellaneous

4. Nestle (U.S. & Canada)
Avenue Nestlé 55, CH-1800 Vevey, Switzerland
800 N. Brand Blvd., Glendale, CA 91203
Phone: 818-549-6000; Web site:

25 Sheppard Avenue West, North York, Ontario M2N 6S8
Phone: 800-387-4636; Web site:

Executives: Chairman: Peter Brabeck-Letmathe; CEO-Nestlé S.A.: Paul Bulcke; EVP-Strategic Business Units, Marketing and Sales: Lars Olofsson; EVP & Chief Technology Officer, Head of Innovation, Technology, Research and Development: Werner J. Bauer; EVP & Zone Director for U.S., Canada, Latin America, Caribbean: Paul Polman; EVP, Chrmn & CEO-Nestle Waters: John J. Harris; EVP & CEO-Nesle Nutrition: Richard T. Laube; Chairman & CEO-Nestle USA Inc.: Brad Alford; Pres./CEO-Nestlé Canada: Bob Leonidas; SVP & CFO-Nestlé Canada: Bill Broughton

Subsidiaries, Divisions: (USA & Canada) Nestlé Nutrition, Nestlé Purina PetCare Co., Nestlé Waters North America, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Inc.

Brands: Acqua Panna, Aero, Alfare, Alpo, Aquarel, Aquari-Yums, Arrowhead, Baby Ruth, Beggin’ Strips, Beneful, Buitoni, Busy Bone, Butterfinger, Calistoga, Carnation, Cat Chow, Chase & Sanborn, Chew-Eez, Chew-Riffic, Coffee Crisp, Coffee Mate, Contadina, Contrex, Deer Park, Deli-Cat, Dog Chow, Drumstick, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Goobers, Haagen-Dazs, Hills Bros., Ice Mountain, Juicy Juice, Kerns, Kit Kat, Libby’s, Maggi, Mighty Dog, Milo, MJB Coffee, Nescafe, Nescau, Nesquik, Nestle, Nestle Good Start, Nestle Real Dairy, Nestle Noir, Nutren, O’Henry, Ortega, Ozarka, Perrier, Poland Spring, PowerBar, Pro Plan, Puppy Chow, Pure Life, Raisinets, San Pellegrino, Smarties, Stouffer’s, Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine, Sweet Success, SweeTarts, T Bonz, Taster’s Choice, Tidy Cats, Toll House, Turtles, Valvert, Vera, Vittel, Willy Wonka, Zephyrhills

Major Product Areas: Beverages, canned, frozen and preserved foods, confectionery, dairy, pet foods, miscellaneous

5. Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc.
One Busch Place, St. Louis, MO 63118-1852
Phone: 314-577-2000; Fax: 314-577-2900; Web site:

Executives: Chairman: August A. Busch III; Pres./CEO: August A. Busch IV; VP/CFO: W. Randolph Baker; VP-Corporate Planning and International Operations: Thomas W. Santel; EVP-Asian Operations: Stephen J. Burrows; Group VP-Brewing Operations & Technology: Douglas J. Muhleman; VP-Communications & Consumer Affairs: Francine Katz; VP & CIO-Anheuser-Busch, Inc.: Joseph Castellano; VP-Business Operations, Anheuser Busch, Inc.: Michael Owens; VP-Global Media & Sports Marketing, Anheuser Busch, Inc.: Anthony Ponturo; VP & Controller: John F. Kelly; VP-Consumer Strategy & Innovation, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.: Marlene V. Coulis; VP-Marketing, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.: David Peacock; EVP-Global Industry Development and Creative Development, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.: Robert Lachky; CEO-Anheuser-Busch Packaging Group Inc.: Michael S. Harding; VP-Corporate Human Resources: John T. Farrell; VP-Legal & Government Affairs: Gary Rutledge

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Anheuser-Busch Inc., Anheuser-Busch International, Busch Agricultural Resources Inc., Anheuser-Busch Packaging Group Inc., Busch Entertainment Corp.
Brands: Anheuser World Select, American Red, Azteca, Bacardi Specialty Malt Beveages, Bare Knuckle Stout, Bud, Budweiser, Busch, Chelada Bud, Hurricane, King Cobra, Land Shark Lager, Michelob, Natural Ice, Natural Light, O’Douls, Redbridge, Rolling Rock, Rock Green Light, Rio Cristal, Stone Mill Pale Ale, Tequiza, Ziegenbock

Major Product Areas: Beer, malt beverages

6. Dean Foods Co.
2515 McKinney Ave., Ste. 1200, Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: 214-303-3400; Fax: 214-303-3499; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn. & CEO: Gregg Engles; EVP & CFO: Jack Callahan; EVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary: Steven Kemps; President; Dairy Group: Harrald Kroeker; Pres. CEO White Wave: Joseph Scalzo; EVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer: Gregg Tanner; SVP Govt. and Industry Relations: William Tinklepaugh; SVP Innovation Debra Carosella.

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Alta Dena Dairy, Amboy Specialty Products, Amboy of Michigan, Barber Dairy, Bell Dairy Products, Berkeley Farms, Coburg Dairy, Cream O’Weber Dairy, Creamland Dairies, Dean Dairy Products Co., Dean Foods Co. of California, Dean Milk Co., Fairmont Products Inc., H. Meyer Dairy, Hillside Dairy, Horizon Organic, Kohler Mix, Maplehurst Dairy, Mayfield Dairy Farms Inc., Meadow Brook Dairy, Meadow Gold, Meadows Distributing, Melody Farms, Purity Dairies, Reiter Dairy, Sani-Dairy, T.G. Lee Foods, Verifine Dairy Products Corp., Wengert’s Dairy, White Wave

Brands: Alta Dena, Arctic Splash, Barbers, Barbe’s, Berkeley Farms, Borden*, Broughton, Brown Cow, Brown’s Dairy, Bud’s Ice Cream, Chug, Country Charm, Country Churn, Country Delite, Country Fresh, Country Love, Creamland, Dairy Fresh, Dean’s, Dipzz, Foremost*, Fieldcrest, Garelick Farms, Gandy’s, Hershey’s*, Horizon Organic, Hygeia, International Delight, Kohler, Land O’Lakes*, Land-O-Sun, Lehigh Valley, Louis Trauth, Maplehurst, Mayfield, McArthur, Meadowbrook, Meadow Gold, Melody Farms, Mile High, Mountain High, Nature’s Pride, Oak Farms, Over the Moon, Pet*, Price’s, Purity, Reiter, Robinson, Saunders, Sealtest*, Schenkel’s All Star, Schepps, Shenandoah’s Pride, Silk, Skinny Cow, Sealtest*, Stroh’s, Swiss, Swiss Premium, TG Lee, Tuscan, Turtle Tracks, Verifine, Viva, Wengert’s, Wite Wave
* Used under license

Major Product Areas: Dairy

7. General Mills Inc.
One General Mills Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55426
Phone: 763-764-7600; Web site:

Executives: Chairman and CEO: Kendall J. Powell; EVP & Chief Tech. Officer, Worldwide Opers. & Techy: Randy Darcy; EVP & CFO: Donal Leo Mulligan; EVP & Gen. Counsel: Roderick Palmore; EVP-Worldwide Sales and Channel Development: Jeffrey Rotsch; EVP-Worldwide Health, Brand and New Business Development: Y. Marc Belton; EVP & COO-U.S. Retail: Ian R. Friendly; EVP & COO-Intl.: Christopher D. O’Leary; EVP-Human Resources and Business Services: Michael A. Peel; SVP-External Relations & Pres-General Mills Community Action and Foundation: Christina L. Shea; SVP & CMO: Mark Addicks; SVP & Pres-Intl: Peter J. Capell; SVP & Pres-Greater China: Gary Chu; SVP & Pres-Pillsbury USA: Juliana L. Chugg; SVP & Pres-EMEA and Latin America: Giuseppe A. D’Angelo; SVP-Global Human Resources: Mike Davis; SVP-Innovation, Technology and Quality: Peter Erickson; VP & Pres-Big G: Jeff Harmening; SVP & Pres-General Mills Canada: David P. Homer; SVP & Pres-Bakeries & Food Service: John T. Machuzick; VP & Pres-Small Planet Foods: Michele Meyer; VP & Pres-Foodservice: Maria Morgan; VP & Pres-Meals: James H. Murphy; VP & Pres-U.S. Retail Sales: Shawn P. O’Grady; VP & Pres-Snacks Unltd.: Kim Nelson; VP & Treasurer: Daralyn Peifer; VP & Pres-Baking Prods: Ann Simonds; SVP & CEO-Cereal Partners Worldwide: Christi L. Strauss; SVP & Deputy CFO: Ken L. Thome; SVP & Pres-Yoplait USA: Robert F. Waldron; SVP-Financial Opers: Keith Woodward

Brands: Bac-Os, Betty Crocker, Bisquick, Bugles, Cascadian Farms, Cheerios, Chex, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Clusters, Cocoa Puffs, Colombo, Cookie Crisp, Count Chocula, Dunkaroos, Farmhouse, Fiber One, French Toast Crunch, Fruit Roll-Ups, Gardetto’s, Gold Medal, Golden Grahams, Green Giant, Haagen-Dazs, Hungry Jack, Jeno’s, Kix, Lloyd’s, Lucky Charms, Microwave Singles, Milk ’n Cereal Bars, Muir Glen, Nature Valley, Oatmeal Crisp, Oatmeal Crisp Bars, Old El Paso, Pillsbury, Pop Secret, Progresso, Raisin Nut Bran, Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs, Red Band, Ripple Crisp, Robin Hood, Squeezit, Sweet Rewards, Total, Totino’s, Triples, Trix, Underwood, Wheaties, Yoplait

Major Product Areas: Cereals, refrigerated & prepared foods, dough products, baking products, snacks, yogurt

8. Smithfield Foods Inc.
200 Commerce St., Smithfield, VA 23430
Phone: 757-365-3000; Fax: 757-365-3017; Web site:

Executives: Chairman: Joseph Luter III; Pres/CEO: C. Larry Pope; Pres & COO-Pork Group: George H. Richter; EVP:  Joseph W. Luter IV; EVP & CFO: Robert W. Manly IV; EVP: Richard J.M. Poulson; VP, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary: Michael H. Cole; VP & Controller:  Jeffrey A. Deel; VP-Finace: Carey J. Dubois; VP-Operations Analysis: Bart Ellis; VP & Sr. Counsel: Michael D. Flemming; VP & Chief Internal Auditor: Craig R. Harlow; VP-Investor Relations and Corporate Comms.: Jerry Hostetter; Treasurer: Houghton Lewis; VP-Livestock Procurement: Jeffrey M. Luckman; SVP-Operations and Engineering: Henry L. Morris; VP-Sales & Marketing: James D. Schloss; VP & Chief Accounting Officer: Kenneth M. Sullivan; VP-Price-Risk Management: Dhamu Thamodaran; VP-Environmental and Corporate Affairs: Dennis H. Treacy; VP-Corporate Tax: Vernon T. Turner; CIO: Mansour T. Zadeh

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Smithfield Packing Co. Inc., Smithfield, Va.; Gwaltney of Smithfield Ltd., Smithfield, Va.; Carroll’s Foods, Inc.; John Morrell & Co., Cincinnati; Patrick M. Cudahy Inc., Cudahy, Wis.; Lykes Meat Co. Inc., Plant City, Fla., Murphy Family Farms
Brands: Dinner Bell, First Prize, Great, Gwaltney, Jamestown, John Morrell, Kretschmar, Lykes, Patrick Cudahy, Patrick's Pride, Peyton's, Realean, Smithfield Lean Generation Pork, Smithfield Premium, Tobin's, Valleydale

Major Product Areas: Pork, beef and turkey products, esp. ham

9. ConAgra Inc.
One ConAgra Drive, Omaha, NE 68102-5001
Phone: 402-595-4000; Fax: 402-595-4707; Web site:

Executives: Pres. & CEO: Gary Rodkin; EVP-Legal and External Affairs: Robert F. Sharpe, Jr.; EVP, CFO: Andre Hawaux; EVP, Chief Administrative Officer: Owen Johnson; EVP, Chief Marketing Officer: Joan Chow; SVP, Corporate Controller: John Gehring; VP, Investor Relations: Christopher Klinefelter; SVP, Treasurer & Assistant Corporate Secretary: Scott Messel; VP, Internal Audit: J. Mark Warner; Pres/COO-Consumer Foods: Dean Hollis; Pres/COO-Commercial Products: Greg Heckman; Pres.-ConAgra Food Sales: Doug Knudsen; EVP-Product Supply: Jim Hardy Jr.; EVP-Research, Quality & Innovation: Al Bolles; EVP-Human Resources: Pete Perez; EVP-Business Transformation: King Pouw

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Snacks, Grocery, Dairy, Frozen Foods, Specialty Potato Prods., Gilroy & Spicetec, Intl. Fertilizer, ConAgra Mills, Agricultural Commodities, J.M. Swank, Lamb Weston

10. Kellogg Co.
One Kellogg Square, Battle Creek, MI 49016-3599
Phone: 616-961-2000; Fax: 616-961-2871; Web site:

Executives: Chairman: James Jenness; President & CEO: A. D. David Mackay;  EVP & CFO-Kellogg Company and Pres.-Kellogg North America: John Bryant; EVP & Pres.-Kellogg Int’l: Jeffrey Montie; SVP-Global Innovation and Chief Environmental Officer: Donna Banks; SVP-EVP, Kellogg Int’l & Pres., Kellogg Asia Pacifid: Jeffrey Boromisa; SVP-CIO: Ruth Bruch; SVP-Global Nutrition & Corporate Affairs: Celeste Clark; SVP-Pres., U.S. Snacks: Bradford Davidson; SVP-EVP, Kellogg Int’l & Pres., Kellogg Europe: Timothy Mobsby; SVP-Pres., U.S. Morning Foods: Paul Norman; SVP-Pres., Kellogg Specialty Channels: David Pfanzelter; SVP, General Counsel-Corporate Development & Sec: Gary Pilnick; SVP-EVP, Kellogg Int’l & Pres., Kellogg Latin America: Juan Villalobos;  SVP-Human Resources: Kathleen Wilson-Thompson; VP & Controller: Alan Andrews; VP-Research, Quality & Technology: Margaret Bath; VP-CFO, Kellogg North America: Ronald Dissinger; VP-Managing Director, France, Benelux, Central Eastern Europe and Russia: Elisabeth Fleuriot; VP-Corporate Development: Michael Libbing; VP-Managing Director, Kellogg United Kingdom: Gregory Peterson; VP-Treasury and Investor Relations: Joel Wittenberg

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Kashi, Keebler, Morningstar Farms, Worthington Foods, Inc.
Brands: All-Bran, Austin, Cheez-It, Club, Chips Deluxe, Crunchmania, Eggo, E.L. Fudge, Famous Amos, FruitaBu, Fruit Loops, Fruit Streamers, Fudge Shoppe, Go-Tarts, Kashi, Keebler, Kellogg’s, Krispy, Loma Linda, Morningstar Farms, Murray, Natural Touch, Nutri-Grain,  Pop-Tarts, Rice Krispies, Right Bites, Sandies, Smart Start, Special K, Soft Batch, Stretch Island, Sunshine, Toasted, Town House, Twistables, Vector, Wheatables, Worthington, Yogos, Zesta, Apple Jacks, Bran Buds, Cinnamon Crunch Crispix, Cocoa Krispies, Complete, Corn Pops, Cracklin’ Oat Bran, Crispix, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Honey Smacks, Just Right, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Kellogg’s Crunch, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, Kellogg’s Smorz, Kellogg’s Low Fat Granola, Mini-Swirlz, Mueslix, Pops, Product 19

Major Product Areas: Cereal, cookies & crackers, fruit leather, vegetarian/soy products

11. JBS Swift & Company
1770 Promontory Circle, Greeley, CO 80634
Phone: 970-506-8000; Fax: 970-506-8307; Web site:

Executives: Pres. and CEO: Wesley Batista; CFO: Andre Nogueira

Parent firm: JBS S.A. (Brazil)

Brands: Swift Premium, Swift Black Angus, Swift Select

Major Product Areas: Beef and pork

12. Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.
4845 U.S. Hwy. 271 North, P.O. Box 93, Pittsburg, TX 75686
Phone: 903-855-1000; Fax: 903-856-7505; Web site:

Executives: Sr. Chmn.: Lonnie “Bo” Pilgrim; Chmn.: Lonnie Ken Pilgrim; Pres./CEO: J. Clinton Rivers; CFO & Secretary and Treasurer: Richard A. Cogdill

Subsidiaries, Divisions:  Pierce Foods, acquired Gold Kist

Brands: EatWellStayHealthy, EggsPlus, Pilgrim’s Pride, Easy Entrée, Wing Dings

Major Product Areas: Poultry, meat, eggs, deli

13. The Coca-Cola Co.
One Coca-Cola Plaza, Atlanta, GA 30313
Phone: 404-676-2121; Fax: 404-676-6792; Web site:

Executives: Chmn & CEO: Neville Isdell; Pres. & COO: Muhtar Kent; Pres-Eurasia: Ahmet Bozer; Pres-Africa: Alexander B. Cummings; SVP & Pres-North America: J. Alexander Douglas Jr.; EVP & CFO: Gary Fayard; EVP & Pres-Bottling Investments and Supply Chain: Irial Finan; Pres-Pacific: Glenn G. Jordan; SVP & General Counsel: Geoffrey J. Kelly; SVP & Dir- Worldwide Public Affairs and Communications: Thomas G. Mattia; SVP & Dir-Human Resources: Cynthia P. McCague; EVP & Pres-Marketing Strategy and Innovation: Mary Minnick; Pres-European Union: Dominique Reiniche; Pres-Latin America: José Octavio Reyes; SVP & Chief Innovation/Research and Development Officer: Danny Strickland

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Africa Group, Latin America Group, Greater Europe Group, Middle and Far East Group, North America Group, The Minute Maid Co.

Brands: Barq's, Blak, Bright & Early, Canada Dry, Carver’s, Citra, Coca-Cola, Coke, Dasani, Diet Coke, Fanta, Five Alive, Flavor Rage, Fresca, Fruitopia, Full Throttle, Georgia, Hi-C, Inca Cola, Manzana Mia, Mello Yello, Minute Maid, Mr. Pibb, Nestea, Northern Neck, Powerade, Red Flash, Schweppes, Seagram’s, Sprite, Surge, Tab, Vault, Simply Orange, Glaceau, Enviga

Major Product Areas: Beverages

14. Mars Inc.
6885 Elm St., McLean, VA 22101-3810
Phone: 703-821-4900; Fax: 703-448-9678; Web site:

Executives: Pres.-Mars Inc.: Paul Michaels; Pres.-Mars North America: Robert Gamgort; Pres.-Snackfood US: Todd Lachman; Pres.-Petcare: Doug Cahill; Pres.-Food US: Vincent Howell; Pres.-Canada: Luc Mongeau

Brands: 3 Musketeers, Celebrations, Cesar, CocoaVia, Combos, Dove, Ethel-M, Flavia, Kudos, M&Ms, Mars, Milky Way, Pedigree, Sheba, Skittles, Snickers, Starburst, Twix, Uncle Ben’s, Waltham, Whiskas

Major Product Areas: Confectionery, snacks, packaged foods, pet foods, ice cream/frozen novelties

15. Unilever
Unilever House, Blackfriars, London EC4P 4BQ, United Kingdom
Also Rotterdam, Netherlands
North America: 700 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Phone: 201-894-7760; Fax: 201-871-8257; Web site: 

Executives: Chairman: Antony Burgmans; Vice Chairman: Bertrand Collomb; Group Chief Executive: Patrick Cescau; Pres.-Europe: Kees van der Graaf; Pres.-Home and Personal Care: Ralph Kugler; CFO: Rudy Markham; Pres.-Americas: John Rice; Pres.-Global Foods: Vindi Banga; Group VP-U.S.: Michael Polk; Group VP-Global Spreads, Cooking Products & Dressings, Foods Category: Alan Jope

Brands: Ben & Jerry's, Bertolli, Breyers, Country Crock, Flora, Good Humor, Hellmann's, Knorr, Lever, Magnum, Lipton, Omo, Slim-Fast

Major Product Areas: Misc. grocery products, ice cream

16. Dole Food Co. Inc.
One Dole Drive, Westlake Village, CA 91362
Phone: 818-879-6600; Fax: 818-879-6618; Web site:

Executives: Chairman & CEO: David Murdock; EVP, EVP-General Counsel & Corporate Secretary and Director: C. Michael Carter; Pres. & CEO and Director: David DeLorenzo; Richard Dahl; EVP-Corporate Development and Director: Scott Griswold; VP-New Products and Corporate Development: Justin Murdock; VP & CFO: Joseph Tesoriero; EVP, Chief of Staff and Director: Roberta Wieman

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Dole Fresh Vegetables, Dole North American Fruit, Dole Packaged Foods, Dole Europe, Dole Asia, Dole Latin America, Dole Honduran Beverages

Brands: Dole, Dole Classic Salad, Dole Complete Salads, Dole Fruit Bowls, Dole Lunch for One, Dole Special Blends, Dole Tropical Gold, Dole Premium Select, Wildly Nutritious

Major Product Areas: Canned, frozen and prepared foods, miscellaneous

17. Sara Lee Corp.
3500 Lacey Road, Downers Grove, IL 60515
Phone: 630-598-6000; Web site:

Executives: Chairman/CEO: Brenda C. Barnes; EVP, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer: L.M. (Theo) de Kool; EVP & CEO-Foodservice: James W. Nolan; EVP & CEO-Food & Beverage: Christopher J. (CJ) Fraleigh; EVP-Human Resources: Stephen Cerrone; EVP & CEO-International: Frank van Oers ; SVP-Strategic Planning & Corp. Dev.: B. Thomas Hansson; EVP, Gen. Counsel & Secy: Roderick Palmore

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Sara Lee Food & Beverage, Sara Lee International, Sara Lee Foodservice
Brands: Bimbo, Bistro Collection,Bon Gateaux, Bony, Chef Pierre, Colonial, CroustiPâte, Earth Grains, IronKids, Madame Brioche Martinez, Ortiz, Rainbo, Sara Lee, Silueta, Butter-Nut Cappuccino, Bravo, Caboclo, Café Continental, Café do Ponto, Café Pilão, Cafitesse, Chat Noir, Douwe Egberts, Harris, Hornimans, Jacqmotte, Java Coast, Justin Lloyd, Kanis & Gunnink, Kayo, Laurentis, LaVazza, Maison du Café, Marcilla, Maryland Club, Merrild, Metropolitan, Moccona, Natreen, Natrena, Paradise, Piazza d'Oro, Pickwick, Prebica, Prima, Santora, Seleto, Senseo, Soley, Steamers, Suntipt, Superior, Uniao, Van Nelle, Ball Park, Best's Kosher, Bryan, Deli d'Italia, Deli Perfect, Emeril, Galileo, Gallo Salame, Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean, Kahn's, Kir, Mr. Turkey, R.B. Rice, Rudy's Farm, State Fair, West Virginia Brand, Zwan, Zwancito

Major Product Areas: Meats, beverage, bakery

18. Hormel Foods Corp.
One Hormel Place, Austin, MN 55912-3680
Phone: 507-437-5611; Fax: 507-437-5158 ; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn, CEO: Jeffrey M. Ettinger; SVP & CFO: Jody H. Feragen; EVP: Ronald W. Fielding; President Protein Businesses: Gary J. Ray; Group VP: Robert A. Tegt; VP & Pres-Jennie-O Turkey Store: Michael D. Tolbert; Group VP: Richard A. Bross

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Hormel Foods International Corp., Jennie-O Foods
Brands: Black Label, Buffalo, By George, Carapelli, Chi-Chi's, Compleats, Cure 81, Curemaster, Di Lusso, Dinty Moore, Dona Maria, Dubuque, El Torito, Farm Fresh, Fast'N Easy, Herb-Ox, Herdez, Homeland, Hormel, House of Tsang, Jennie-O, Kid's Kitchen, Light & Lean, Little Sizzlers, Lloyd’s, Manny’s, Marrakesh Express, Mary Kitchen, Not-So-Sloppy-Joe, Old Smokehouse, Patak’s, Peloponnese, Quick Meal, Rosa Grande, Sandwich Maker, Spam, Stagg, Valley Fresh, Wranglers

Major Product Areas: Meat and poultry, canned, frozen and preserved foods, fats/oils, miscellaneous

19. Dr Pepper Snapple Group
5301 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75024
Phone: 972-673-7300; Web site:

Executives: Pres/CEO: Larry D. Young; EVP & CFO: John O. Stewart; EVP & General Counsel: James L. Baldwin Jr.; Pres—Bottling Group Sales: Rodger L. Collins; EVP-Marketing and R&D: Randall E. Gier; Pres-Mexico and the Caribbean: Pedro Herrán Gacha; EVP-Supply Chain: Derry L. Hobson; Pres—Finished Goods and Concentrate Sales: James J. Johnston Jr.; EVP-Human Resources: Lawrence N. Solomon

Brands: 7UP, A&W, Canada Dry, Clamato, Country Time, Crush, Deja Blue, Diet Rite, Dr Pepper, Hawaiian Punch, Hires, IBC, Margaritaville, Mott's, Mr and Mrs T, Nantucket Nectars, Orangina, Peñafiel, RC Cola, ReaLemon, Rose's, Schweppes, Snapple, Squirt, Stewart's, Sundrop, Sunkist, Vernors, Welch's, Yoo-hoo

20. Cargill Inc.
15407 McGinty Road West, Wayzata, MN 55391-2399
Phone: 763-742-7575; Fax: 763-742-7393; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn/CEO: Gregory Page; Vice Chairman: F. Guillaume Bastiaens; Vice Chairman: David W. Raisbeck; EVP: David M. Larson; SVP: William A. Buckner; SVP: Paul D. Conway; SVP: Richard Frasch; SVP & CFO: David MacLennan; VP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary: Steven C. Euller

Brands: Angus Pride, Excel, Gerken's Cocoa, HoneySuckle White, Peter's Chocolate, Shady Brook Farms, Sterling Silver Premium  Meats, Sunny Fresh Foods, Wilbur Chocolate
Major Product Areas: Meat and poultry, fats/oils, grain mill products

21. Campbell Soup Co.
1 Campbell Place, Camden, NJ 08103-1799
Phone: 856-342-4800; Fax: 856-342-3878; Web site:

Executives: Pres., CEO: Douglas R. Conant; EVP & Pres.-Campbell North America: Mark A. Sarvary; SVP–Global Research & Development and Quality: Arthur B. Anderson; SVP-Public Affairs: Jerry S. Buckley; SVP–Chief Strategy Officer: M. Carl Johnson, III; SVP–Law and Government Affairs: Ellen Oran Kaden; SVP & Pres.-Campbell International: Larry S. McWilliams; SVP & Pres.–U.S. Soup, Sauces, and Beverages: Denise M. Morrison; SVP & Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer: Nancy A. Reardon; SVP & CFO: Robert A. Schiffner; SVP & Chief Customer Officer: Archbold D. van Beuren; SVP–Global Supply Chain: David R. White; SVP & Chief Information Officer: Doreen A. Wright; VP–Controller: Anthony DiSilvestro: VP & Corporate Secretary: John J. Furey; VP–Taxes: Richard J. Landers; VP–Finance and Strategy, Campbell North America: Gerald S. Lord; VP–Treasurer: William J. O'Shea

Brands: Arnott’s, Campbell's, Chunky, Franco-American, Godiva, Goldfish, Healthy Request, Hungry-Man, Pace, Pepperidge Farm, Prego, SpaghettiOs, Swanson, Supper Bakes, V8 Vegetable Juice

Major Product Areas: Meat and poultry, canned, frozen and preserved food, bakery, sugar/confectionery, beverages, miscellaneous

22. Maple Leaf Foods Inc.
30 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite 1500, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4V 3A2
Phone: 416-926-2000; Fax: 416-926-2018; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn: G. Wallace McCain; Pres./CEO: Michael McCain; SVP-Transactions and Administration and Corporate Secretary: Rocco Cappuccitti; VP-Purchasing and Supply Chain: Maryanne Chantler; Pres-Global: Michael Detlefsen; Chief Strategy Officer: Douglas W. Dodds; Pres-Rothsay and Elite Swine Inc.: Kevin Golding; SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer: Wayne Johnson; SVP-Transformation: Annalisa King; VP-Investor & Public Relations: Lynda Kuhn; COO-Food Group and Pres/CEO-Canada Bread Co.: Richard A. Lan; Managing Director - Maple Leaf Bakery U.K.: Peter Maycock; VP-Govt. & Industry Relations: Rory McAlpine; Chrmn-Maple Leaf Foods Inc.; Pres/COO- Agribusiness Group: J. Scott McCain; Pres-Canada Bread Fresh Bakery:  C. Barry McLean; Pres-Canada Bread Frozen Bakery: Réal Ménard; VP-Six sigma: Bruce Miyashita; VP-Corporate Engineering: Peter Smith; CFO: Michael H. Vels;  Pres-Maple Leaf Animal Nutrition: Jerry A. Vergeer; Pres-Maple Leaf Consumer Foods: Richard Young 

Subsidiaries: Canada Bread Co., Maple Leaf Baker, Rothsay Rendering, Schneider Foods, Shur-Gain, Landmark Feeds Inc., Elite Swine Inc., International); Frozen Bakery

Brands: Ben’s, Bittner’s, Burns, California Goldminer, Dempster’s, Healthy Way, Hygrade, Maison-Cousin, Maple Leaf, McGavin, Nutriwhip, Olivieri, Prime Turkey, Shopsy’s, Tenderflake

Major Product Areas: Meat, bakery

23. SABMiller Plc.
3939 W. Highland Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2866   
Phone: 414-931-2000; Fax: 414-931-3735; Web site:

Executives: CEO: Graham Mackay; CFO: Malcolm Wyman; Managing Director-SABMiller Europe: Alan Clark; Managing Director-SABMiller Asia: Ari Mervis; Managing Director-SABMillerAfrica: Mark Bowman; Director-Corporate Affairs: Sue Clark; General Counsel & Group Company Secretary: John Davidson; Group Marketing Director: Nick Fell; Managing Director-South African Breweries Ltd.: Tony van Kralingen; Pres & CEO, Miller Brewing: Tom Long; Pres-SABMiller Latin America: Barry Smith

Brands: Henry Weinhard, Icehouse, Leinenkugel, Mickey's Malt Liquor, Miller Chill, Miller Genuine Draft (International brand), Miller Genuine Draft Light, Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Milwaukee's Best, Milwaukee's Best Ice, Milwaukee's Best Light, Olde English 800 Malt Liquor, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Pilsner Urquell (International brand)

Major Product Areas: Beer and malt beverages

24. Hershey Co.
100 Crystal A Drive, Hershey, PA 17033
Phone: 717-534-6799; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn: Kenneth Wolfe; Pres./CEO: David J. West; SVP & CFO: Humberto Alfonso; SVP Global Chief Marketing Officer: Michele G. Buck; SVP, General Counsel & Secretary: Burton H. Snyder; SVP & Pres-Hershey International: Thaddeus J. Jastrzebski; SVP & CIO: George F. Davis; SVP & Chief People Officer: Charlene H. Binder; SVP & Pres-Hershey North America: John P. Bilbrey; VP-Global Research and Development: C. Daniel Azzara

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corp., Godrej Hershey Foods and Beverages Co.

Brands: 5th Avenue, Almond Joy, Amazin' Fruit Candies, Amazin' Fruit Super Fruit Candies, Bridge Mixture, Brown Cow, Cadbury's Candies, Caramello, Cherry Blossom, Chipits Chocolate Chips, Chuckles, Crash Bar, Eat-More, Glosette, Good & Plenty, Goodies, Heath Bar, Heide, Hershey's, Hugs, Ice Breakers, Jolly Rancher, Kisses, Kit Kat, Krackel, Lowney, Luden's, Mauna Loa, Milk Duds, Mounds, Mr. Freeze, Mr. Goodbar, Nibs, NutRageous, Oh Henry!, Ovation, PayDay, Pot of Gold, Rain-Blo, Reese's, Rolo, Skor, Sour Dudes, Special Crisp, Special Dark, Strawberry Cow, Super Bubble, Sweet Escapes, Symphony, Take5, TasteTations, Top Scotch, Twizzelators, Twizzlers, Whatchmacallit, Whoppers, Wunderbeans, York, Zagnut, Zero, Scharffen Berger, Joseph Schmidt, Dagoba

Major Product Areas: Confectionery

25. Chiquita Brands International Inc.
250 E. Fifth St., Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513-784-8000; Fax: 513-784-8030; Web site:

Executives: Chmn. & CEO: Fernando Aguirre; SVP & Chief People Officer: Kevin Holland; Pres-North America: Brian Kocher; Pres-Europe & Middle East: Michael Loeb; SVP-Government & International Affairs & Corporate Responsibility: Manuel Rodriguez; SVP, General Counsel and Secretary: James Thompson; Pres, Global Innovation & Emerging Markets & Chief Marketing Officer: Tanios Viviani; SVP & CFO: Jeffery Zalla; SVP, Product Supply Organization: Waheed Zaman 

Brands: Chiquita Tropicals, Chiquita, Clover, Club Chef, Consul, Friday, Naked Foods, Naked Juice, Naked Sun Tea, Numar, Fresh Express, Harvest Select, Verdelli Farms

Major Product Areas: Canned, frozen and preserved foods, beverages 

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