Coca-Cola Sees a Q2 Sales Rebound

July 21, 2021
After a tough revenue year in 2020, the Atlanta-based cola giant saw a positive sales rebound for its second quarter results.

Coca-Cola might want to buy the world a Coke after revealing its second-quarter sales rebounded faster than expected. The company announced today that its second quarter net revenue grew 42% to $10.1 billion with organic organic revenues seeing 37% growth. These results are in sharp contrast to where the Atlanta-based cola giant stood this time last year,  when its revenue was down 28% compared to 2019.

“Our results in the second quarter show how our business is rebounding faster than the overall economic recovery, led by our accelerated transformation," said James Quincey, Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company.

The Food Processing Top 100 list regular, whose second quarter ended July 2, noted in its call that the coronavirus pandemic, which played a part in its revenue loss last year, were also responsible for its revenue growth this year.

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