WhiteWave Foods' Reorganizes, Creates COO Position

Nov. 18, 2015
WhiteWave Foods Co. names Blaine McPeak to the new position of chief operating officer, responsible for WhiteWave's global operations.

Food and beverage company WhiteWave Foods Co., a Denver-based manufacturer and seller of branded plant-based foods, beverages and organic produce, announced on Nov. 16 that Blaine McPeak, president of Americas Foods & Beverages, will be promoted to the newly created position of chief operating officer, and will assume responsibility for WhiteWave's global operations. McPeak will continue to report to chairman of the board/CEO Gregg Engles.

Revamping its management structure, the company promoted Kevin Yost, president of Americas Fresh Foods, to U.S. group president of Americas Foods & Beverages, overseeing WhiteWave’s U.S. businesses including Silk, So Delicious, Horizon, Wallaby Organic, Earthbound Farm and International Delight. Yost will report to McPeak.

McPeak will continue managing the international operations of Americas Foods & Beverages. "Since WhiteWave became a public company in 2012, we have experienced tremendous growth, bringing significant value to our shareholders, employees, customers and other stakeholders," said Engles. "As we continue to grow our core businesses, acquire new brands and expand geographically, we need to ensure we have the robust organizational capabilities required to manage our current and future growth initiatives."

McPeak has spent nearly 25 years in the food industry, nearly a decade of which has been in key leadership roles at WhiteWave.

In the new role of U.S. group president of Americas Foods & Beverages, Yost will continue to drive strong organic growth, build additional capabilities in our Americas organization, and strengthen collaboration among WhiteWave’s U.S. businesses.

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