12 Interesting Co-Brands at the Sweets & Snacks Expo

May 26, 2014
They're cute and they clearly communicate the flavor in these candies and savory snacks.

Co-branding is nothing new to the candy & snack category, but it seemed a particularly active business approach at this year's Sweets & Snacks Expo, held May 20-22 in Chicago. Here are some of the interesting co-branded products at this year's show. The choice of a co-brand clearly communicates the flavor in these candies and savory snacks:

  • Guinness Luxury Dark Chocolate Bar (made by LIR Chocolates)
  • Tabasco Chocolate (The Chocolate Traveler)
  • Ringling Bros. Gummis (Taylors Candy Inc.)
  • Old Bay Seasoning Peanuts (Warrell Corp.)
  • Margaritaville Freezer Bars (Jel-Sert)
  • Almond Joy, Mounds and Hershey instant puddings (Jel-Sert)
  • Affy Tapple Pretzel Bites (21st Century Snack Foods)
  • Klondike Chocolate Candies (Imaginings3 Inc.)
  • Dr Pepper, Orange Crush, A&W Root Beer and Hawaiian Punch Licorice Strips (KLN Family Brands)
  • Icee Cake Bites (Swiss Colony)
  • Sriracha Popcorn (Pop Gourmet Popcorn)
  • Fla-Vor-Ice Cherry Bubble Gum (Ford Gum & Machine Co.)

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