Inflation Podcast

Inflation's Big Impact on Small Food & Beverage Companies

Jan. 11, 2023
We're talking with CPA and ‘Contract CFO’ Maria Pearman about how small to midsize food companies can get a better handle on increased costs due to inflation.

We kick off our fourth season of the Food for Thought Podcast talking about a topic no person or business can seem to escape: Inflation.

Joining us today is Maria Pearman, Principal and Beverage Practice Leader, at GHJ. Maria is what you would call a ‘Contract CFO.’ She helps companies that are moving from their startup and emerging phases and gets them over the hurdles so they can reach their more mature stage of growth. How she helps them with these growing pains is something we dive into at the start of the episode.

We then spend a lot of time talking about the big issues facing small food companies right now, in particular how to deal with the squeezed margins and increased costs due to inflation. Maria offers advice on how processors can mitigate some of their losses, especially as it relates to supply chain issues.

We cap things off talking about what companies can do to help themselves out financially, with special attention paid to the relationships that can be cultivated or improved upon to help with loans or other financial resources.

Follow along in this episode through the topics timestamped below

Being a Contract CFO for food and beverage companies: 2:05

Issues affecting Small to Midsize food and beverage companies: 3:45

How smaller companies can mitigate some of their losses when it comes to supply chain issues: 9:55

The importance of being agile: 16:31

New industry regulations benefitting companies when it comes to additional revenue streams: 17:37

Tips for SMBs to themselves financially: 21:08

Whether Celebrity-branded products are hurting or helping: 26:18

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