Nu World Foods, Inc.

June 10, 2005
Ancient Grain Finds New Applications
Nu-World Amaranth Inc. has launched its line of Nu-World Amaranth brand amaranth ingredients for food manufacturing industry. Nu-World is the world’s largest supplier of the unique and healthful grain. The company produces its own proprietary amaranth plant varieties and works with growers to assure the highest quality amaranth available.Amaranth is naturally high in fiber, calcium and iron, and has higher protein content than most grains. Unique amaranth ingredients offer food manufacturers looking for functional ingredients a way to naturally raise the nutrition profile of formulations. For example, a 25 percent substitution of amaranth in an all-wheat flour formulation will double iron, boost calcium by 87 percent and dietary fiber by 6 percent — all without any negative effect on taste or texture.Nu-World amaranth is gluten-free, certified kosher and available in organic or non-organic forms. Products that are now available through Nu-World include amaranth flour, toasted amaranth bran flour (whole seed), amaranth bread crumbs, puffed amaranth as well as amaranth-derived pre-gel, starch and oil.