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Equipment Round Up: September 2019

Sept. 12, 2019
Our editors selected the following equipment products to feature in our September 2019 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Water hardness analyzer

The Liquiline System CA80HA hardness analyzer provides online analysis of water hardness in drinking water and process water. It helps optimize the control of water softening processes such as ion exchange or reverse osmosis, ensures quality of products influenced by water hardness and analyzes feedwater used in boilers. The colorimetric analyzer uses the phthalein purple method, ensuring direct comparability to lab results. It measures calcium carbonate (CaCO3) over a range of 0 to 80 mg/l with accuracy of ±0.5 mg/l. The analyzer has up to two measuring channels and up to four digital inputs for optional Memosens sensors. Endress+Hauser; Greenwood, Ind.; 317-535-2108; www.us.endress.com

Hygienic bag dump station

The hygienic bag dump station is suitable for manually emptying or unloading small bags of bulk solid materials. Integrated bags and bag cages effectively reduce dust. They are offered in two configurations, non-filtered style and filtered style. Both bag dump styles meet sanitary design requirements. The non-filtered style bag dump is equipped with a 4-in. O.D. sanitary connection for dust draw off. The filtered style bag dump is equipped with a flanged exhaust stub. Diaphragm bodies are all stainless steel. Schenck Process; Whitewater, Wis.; 816-891-9300; www.schenckprocess.com/us

Fiber drum dumping system

The Tip-Tite drum dumping system automatically conditions fiberboard drums containing bulk solid material, dumps the material into downstream equipment and accumulates empty drums on a roller conveyor for removal. The system is intended for low- to high-volume handling of drums containing material that has solidified or agglomerated during storage or shipment, while eliminating the dust, spillage, labor cost and potential injury associated with manual drum handling. The system is designed to accommodate fiberboard drums of all popular sizes weighing as much 750 lb. (340kg) and also is offered in high-lift configurations for dumping into elevated receiving equipment. Flexicon Corp.; Bethlehem, Pa.; 888-353-9426; www.flexicon.com

Batter like a Pro

The BatterPro batter machine and batter applicator makes production simple by: 1. Mixing ingredients with its horizontal mixers. This eliminates the breakdown and shearing to the batter/tempura and allows you to achieve your desired consistency. 2. Chilling the mixture by regulating the temperature of the batter/tempura both in the mixing and application phases of the process. Based on your desired viscosity, this system will determine when to add glycol or chilled water to cool the application. 3. Controlling the viscosity with a built-in viscosity cup. This allows the BatterPro to measure the consistency of the mixture, interpret the data measured, and determine if dry mix or water should be added. And 4. Applying batter/tempura with a top submerge application style to chicken, fish, beef, vegetables and other food products. Nothum Food Processing Systems; Springfield, Mo.; 417-831-2816; nothum.com

Hygienic HIM terminal and servo motors

Allen-Bradley Kinetix VPH hygienic servo motors and a stainless steel version of the Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7 graphic terminal help minimize contamination during production. The terminal can be used on a machine in a “splash” or contaminant zone without the need to be covered or isolated. This helps protect product quality and simplifies the cleaning processes, while removing obstructions to the human-machine interface (HMI) for operators monitoring production. The servo motors feature high-grade stainless-steel housing and a smooth surface, and they can withstand wash-downs and reduce the risk of contamination. Both are IP69K- and National Sanitation Foundation-certified. Rockwell Automation; Milwaukee; 414-382-2000; www.rockwellautomation.com

Portable drum discharging system

This portable drum discharging system empties drums of various dry materials into a process safely and efficiently. The hydraulic Lift & Seal System docks drums to a gasketed pour cone for dust-tight and contaminant-free product discharge. The pour cone features 316-2b stainless steel construction and includes a 316 stainless steel discharge nozzle with seal for dust-tight product transfer. The pour cone also includes a fully mounted 8-in. air-actuated roller slide gate for controlled discharge. The portable design allows users to implement this machine into a process when and where it is necessary. Material Transfer; Allegan, Mich.; 800-836-7068; www.materialtransfer.com

Powder mixer

This powder mixer enables mixing at high concentrations. The FS shear blender devours lumps and clumps to provide consistent blending, but the use of the FDS double-screw pump, in place of the FZX liquid ring pump, allows the powder mixer to mix products at viscosities previously difficult to handle, up to 1,000,000 cps. Products can begin at lower viscosities, and the pump will maintain consistent suction as the product concentrations and viscosities climb past the point at which many traditional pumps would fail. Fristam Pumps; Middleton Wis.; 800-841-5001; www.fristam.com

Quick-clean conveyor

The Series 2200 quick-clean conveyor is available with integral CIP spray bars at the head and tail pulleys, which help wash the product as well as the belt and inside rollers. The consistent spraying helps make the full wash-down easier and faster. With a fully welded easy-to-clean stainless steel frame, this design is suitable for baking and other food processing industries. Custom options are available, such as incorporating belt flights into the belt design for incline conveying. The conveyor can be disassembled without tools. Flip-out guide rails provide access to the belt for cleaning, while transition hold-downs and belt lifters simplify sanitizing the slider belt. Eaglestone Equipment; St. Charles, Ill.; 630-587-1115; www.eaglestone.net

Digital sorters for wet-end vegetable processing

Veryx belt-fed digital sorters can inspect product entirely in-air with top and bottom sensors to detect and eliminate all foreign material and the right amount of product defects to make grade. Featuring recipe-driven operation, along with hardware and software designed to sort different products, the unit can be changed over to handle a new product in seconds. Sort recipes are saved to memory for quick recall. The sorter can detect color, size, shape and structural properties of every object, including the presence or absence of chlorophyll. It removes insects, animal parts, paperboard, wood, rocks, plastics, glass and extraneous vegetative matter. Key Technology; Walla Walla, Wash.; 509-529-2161; www.key.net

Collaborative robot options for bakery packaging

Universal Robots’ Cobots, or collaborative robots, have been integrated into the Bakery packaging platform. The robots feature bakery automation for product movement and palletizing efforts. They can work with fragile products of most sizes, shapes, weights and forms and are designed for easy setup and rapid deployment and repurposing, without reprogramming or retooling. They operate safely alongside human counterparts without guarding or special environments, optimizing production floor space. Harpak-ULMA; Taunton, Mass.; 508-238-8884; www.harpak-ulma.com

Single-stage helical gear units

Nordbloc.1 SK 871.1, SK 971.1 and SK 1071.1 have a power range of 30 to 60 hp, a torque range of 3,540 to 8,850 lb-in. and a ratio range of 1.41 to 8.09:1. With durable Unicase cast-iron housing and optimized bearings, they can handle large axial and radial forces and are well-suited for pumps, mixers, conveyors and industrial fans. The single-stage units come with the choice of two standard output shaft sizes: one for legacy units and one to align with market standards. Nord Drivesystems; Waunakee, Wis.; 608-849-7300; nord.com

Hybrid evaporative cooling system

The Accuchiller TCF model chiller uses a hybrid film evaporator that provides the energy efficiency of wet (flooded) systems using less refrigerant. Unlike flooded evaporative systems, which immerse copper water tubes in liquid refrigerant, hybrid film evaporation systems use a thin film of refrigerant. The technology provides a 25% smaller footprint, which maximizes floor space, and reduces energy use by 34%. The chiller features the company’s PLC system to control, monitor and maintain the pumping system’s operation. A color touchscreen displays a variety of operational screens, including time-stamped faults or alarms and compressor and pump hours. Thermal Care; Niles, Ill.; 847-966-2260; www.thermalcare.com

Twintube form-fill-seal machine for sweets and snacks

The BVC 145 TwinTube is a continuous-motion unit producing as many as 500 bags/min. in a 2.85m x 1.325m footprint. Designed for confectionary and snack food packaging, the unit produces bags up to 145mm wide and 220mm long, with options to upgrade up to 320mm. The process takes packaging material from a single film roll and slits it into two film webs capable of forming, filling and sealing 250 finished bags/min. The machine also offers the option of packaging material infeed along two separate film rolls. Automatic edge control allows for repeatable format changeover and a tight tolerance on the longitudinal seal. Rovema NA; Norcross, Ga.; 404-640-5310; www.rovema-na.com

Non-dye inspection & repair

Through a partnership with Britain's Bioscan Ltd., non-dye inspection technology is available to electronically detect defects on spray dryers, as well as cyclones, bag filters, fluid beds, silos, process tanks, cheese vats, finishing tables and ducting. Food & beverage manufacturers can safely and accurately receive inspection and repair services without the necessity to introduce dyes or chemicals into their production zones. Combining the technology with the unique gantry access system for spray dryers also safely eliminates the requirement for scaffolding. Ultimately, processors can significantly reduce the amount of shutdown time required for inspection and repair services and increase overall productivity. Relco LLC; Willmar, Minn.; 320-231-2210; www.relco.net

Flexible-pouch packaging system

The AsepFlex Linear Pouch Filler has been developed to help overcome high rejection rates and low capacities associated with flexible-pouch packaging. With a capacity as high as 500 ppm—or 30,000 pouches/hr—the fully aseptic solution is designed in accordance with FDA guidelines for low-acid aseptically filled food products and can achieve a 95% efficiency rate and a typical reject rate of 0.5%. The flexible system allows pouch formats and sizes to be changed on the fly without a parts change. It can fill a range of products from water-like liquids to high-viscous products, such as smoothies with particulates. JBT; Chicago; 312-861-5900; www.jbtc.com

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