Atlas Copco rotary vane pumps

Recently Launched Food and Beverage Equipment Products: June 2023

June 7, 2023
A vacuum conveyor that recycles, mini evaporator, retorts that rotate, tumble blenders, rotary vane pumps, controlling humidity.
Vacuum conveyor recycles

The VS pneumatic vacuum conveying system automatically captures unused or excess ingredients from a process and returns them upstream for immediate reuse, or to a hopper for reuse at a later date, helping manufacturers cut costs, reduce cleanup and improve sanitation. Featuring 100% stainless steel in-product contact areas, fine particles as small as 0.1µm may be safely recovered and gently transferred without damaging the particle shape or adding heat.
Volkmann USA; Bristol, Pa.

Mini evaporator

The Rototherm Mini uses the same thin-film separation technology as production-scale Rototherms. It is designed for continuous evaporation and liquid-to-powder drying of heat-sensitive materials. Unlike vertical evaporators, the horizontal orientation provides control over residence time, allowing liquid-to-powder drying in a single pass and improved yield. It includes a high-speed rotor, which uses centrifugal force to create agitated thin-film.
Artisan Industries; Stoughton, Mass.

Retorts that rotate

Rotary retort machines turn cans, jars, pouches and other containers during sterilization and cooling processes to accelerate the heat transfer inside of the can and allow the food to cook evenly. This helps prevent discoloring or burning of the product. This equipment is good for some heat-sensitive products, including milk-based beverages and soups. Rotary retorts feature a robust design for clamping baskets or stacks of trays individually to ensure the loads are well supported. The clamping mechanisms, as well as alternate moving parts like the rotor shaft or supporting rollers, are designed for heavy duty movements and a lengthy lifespan.
Surdry North America; Abadiano, Spain
+34 94 681 41 71;

Tumble blenders for accuracy

The model VCB-50 V cone tumble blender utilizes diffusion mixing to deliver low impact, highly accurate and repeatable mixing of powders, high-density powdered metals, granules, pellets and other free-flowing solids. This product promotes easy cleaning inside and out and features individual start/stop and speed controls, jog function, cycle timer and a recipe system.
Ross Mixers; Hauppauge, N.Y.

Control humidity throughout

Most powdered foods are created using a spray drying system. It’s a sensitive process that requires precise, ongoing humidity and temperature control. The most common areas that experience moisture or humidity issues: Spray dryer inlet, Pneumatic conveying or transfer, Secondary air, Machinery surface pooling, Spray dryer walls and Powdered food packaging. Adding industrial dehumidification can increase production capacity up to 40%, reduce energy consumption up to 25%, create a more hygienic product (by reducing the risk of mold, fungi and bacteria growth), enhance product quality, provide consistent, year-round process performance and reduce Clean-In-Place (CIP) time and frequency.
Munters; Amesbury, Mass.

How rotary vane pumps work DVS vacuum pump models are oil-free, dry rotary vane pumps that guarantee emission-free, quiet operation and do not contaminate the process. A rotor with graphite blades rotates inside the pump, with centrifugal forces pressing the vanes against the inside of the housing wall and hermetically sealing the chamber for a safe, uninterrupted operating vacuum. They are used in packaging and pneumatic conveying and other processes. Advantages include quiet operation, low wear, energy-savings and small footprint.Atlas Copco Vacuum Technique; Cologne,

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