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New Equipment Products: September 2023

Sept. 18, 2023
Machines from Coperion K-Tron Salina, Munson Machinery, Artisan Industries, SPX Flow, APS Resource, BAK Food Equipment, Regal Rexnord, Flexicon, Heinkel, Conveyor Components Co., Admix, Automated Flexible Conveyor.

Cylindrical plow blender

Cylindrical plow blender with feed hopper and intensifiers handles dry, fibrous, dense, interlocking or moist/oily bulk materials in batches up to 40 cu ft. Materials are kept in constant motion regardless of particle size, shape or density in order to achieve uniform blends, efficiently. It is suitable for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics or other applications in which clean-out is important to avoid cross-contamination.
Munson Machinery Co.; Utica, N.Y.

 Weighing station for batching

This batch weighing system is suitable for accurate batching direct to blenders/mixers. It features a P100 batch weight receiver and a KT20 loss-in-weight twin screw feeder mounted on a collection hopper for accurately batching directly to blenders and mixers. The receiver is available in various sizes and combines a vacuum receiver with a reliable weighing system for batching major ingredients on either a cumulative or sequential basis. The KT20 loss-in-weight twin-screw feeder is suitable for adding smaller amounts of high-value minor ingredients, such as vitamins, probiotics or difficult flowing powders to the batch.
Coperion K-Tron Salina; Sewell, N.J.

Brine injectors

Nowicki MHM brine injectors are cost-effective machines for simple brine injection applications. They are available with two-, three-, and four-needle injection heads and injection head strokes of 4, 8, and 10 inches. They feature a simple and efficient power transmission system and a high-efficiency stainless-steel centrifugal pump for smooth brine pressure control. The MH Series single- and multiple-head brine injectors have servo automatic system (SAS) functionalities that provide a highly controlled injection process, offering maximally consistent injections with continuous real-time monitoring of brine makeup, volume, temperature, and injection timing.
BAK Food Equipment; Burr Ridge, Ill.

Mini evaporator

The Rototherm Mini uses the same thin-film separation technology as production-scale Rototherms. It is designed for continuous evaporation and liquid-to-powder drying of heat-sensitive materials. Unlike vertical evaporators, the horizontal orientation provides control over residence time, allowing liquid-to-powder drying in a single pass and improved product yield. It includes a high-speed rotor, which utilizes centrifugal force to create an agitated thin-film.
Artisan Industries; Stoughton, Mass.

Heat exchanger with flexibility

The Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Votator II, a vertical scraped surface heat exchanger, has been updated with upgrades that allow for easier, quicker and safer use. The Votator has become a fixture within multiple industries by providing continuous processing solutions for meat, dairy and confectionery applications. The updated vertical version offers dual lift capacity with controlled alignment to ensure efficient operation, decreased cleaning and inspection time and reduced downtime.
SPX Flow Inc., Charlotte, N.C.

High-up safety lights for docks

The Vertical Aerial Safety Light provides an extra layer of visual communication about vehicle restraint status for dock operations. Sold in pairs, each 18-in. light is designed for universal mounting to the upper end of the track on either side of the dock door. Constructed of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, the light’s wraparound design allows for easy door operation. It also can be mounted directly to the wall. They provide additional communication to employees above any visual blockages such as stacked crates, pallets, equipment, etc. They mirror the status indicator on the restraint control panel using red and green LED colors as an additional visual indicator (as well as amber LED if the restraint control panel is so equipped).
APS Resource; Mequon, Wis.

Motor with three mounting positions

Flex-in-1 is a new line of general-purpose motors. One may replace up to any one of 18 different traditional general-purpose motors, due to the added features and functionality. These features include the ability for the motor to operate at 60 to 50 hertz, capability for inverter duty and a removable, repositionable base that enables the conduit box to be rotated into the desired NEMA F-2 and F-3 mounting positions. The motor ships with the conduit box in the F-1 mounting position. The company claims the Flex-in-1 is the only NEMA motor with a patent-pending repositionable base plus C-Face design with rolled-steel construction. The combination C-Face rolled steel and base design gives the motor added strength and durability.
Regal Rexnord; Grafton, Wis.

Mobile sanitary IBC unloading-conveying system

This mobile, sanitary unloading and conveying system for intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) transfers contamination-sensitive bulk solid materials from IBCs to downstream processes, dust-free. This system is for in-plant mobility and ease of maneuvering while handling a broad range of free and non-free-flowing bulk solids, ranging from pellets to sub-micron powders with no separation of blended products. Ready to plug in and run, the mobile unit can serve multiple functions in the plant.
Flexicon; Bethlehem, Pa.

Motion speed control

The Mag-Neat-O is a compact, self-contained motion control that magnetically couples to the end shaft of the tail pulley and indicates when a conveyor belt has slowed or quit moving, shutting down rotating equipment before severe damage is encountered while providing protection for interlocked conveyor belts. The standard construction is a chemical- and impact-resistant polymer material with stainless steel internal parts. No drilling or tapping of the tail pulley shaft is required, as the unit is held in place with a strong magnetic connector on any non-driven pulley shaft.
Conveyor Components Co.; Croswell, Mich.

Efficient and ergonomic mixer

The Fastfeed PLC is an all-in-one system for inducting and dispersing powder ingredients into mix tanks. The automation controls improve the efficiency of the mix room and provide better ergonomics for operators while the integrated liquid ring pump and high shear emulsifier work together to ensure rapid incorporation and wetting out of powder ingredients. Built-in safety features keep the system running in optimal condition and extend the life of the unit.
Admix Inc.; Londonderry, N.H.

Horizontal peeler centrifuge

The re-engineered Blue Tector horizontal peeler centrifuge has a revolutionary filtrate housing shape that is optimized to provide efficiency in liquid flow during the separation process. This product is grease lubricated, GMP optimized and electrically driven. It operates without belts or hydraulic systems and provides easy access to the mechanical section. The base plate is a modular design, allowing for easy and lower cost shipment and installation of the machine, while the peeler knife operation allows for stop and go functionality.
Heinkel; Swedesboro, N.J.

Flexible screw conveyors

Flexible screw conveyors are enclosed tubular conveyors designed for conveying powders, granules, blends, crystals, flakes and a wide range of other bulk materials. The Spiralfeeder now is offered with round, flat or the company's proprietary knife edge spiral types as standard, along with custom spirals if necessary. Typical applications include the conveying of bulk solids into overhead surge hoppers or materials from one processing point to another. They can be interlocked with a wide variety of controls to automate operations and custom-engineered to fit specific requirements.
Automated Flexible Conveyor, Clifton, N.J.

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