Editorial Preview: November 2007

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Food Processing

Cover Story: Top New Food Products of 2007

It's our annual look at the most innovative new products of the past 12 months. Our editors, writers, editorial advisory board and readers help select the top new food products … including Oreo Cakesters, Quaker Granola Bites, Frito-Lay Flat Earth fruit and veggie crisps and Stouffer's Corner Bistro Flatbreads.

Using aromas

Aromas are statements about the quality of food. The aroma of home-cooked meals gives even the simplest dishes gourmet appeal. Capturing this appeal fuels the modern science of aromas.


Spices define traditional dishes and, according to recent research, many spices are loaded with healthful phytochemicals. So spicing up you favorite creations can mark them as smart as well as tasty. We'll also give special attention to ethnic spices that also add this health component.

The problem with counterfeit parts

Counterfeit replacement parts not only hurt the income of the original equipment manufacturer; they can mess up your process machinery and invalidate your machine warranties. You may be tempted to buy them because of a lower price, but here are some warnings. Or you may not even realize you're getting them when buying through dealers or local reps.

Trends in dairy packaging

Processors of dairy products ranging from milk-based beverages to ice cream are using packaging to drive sales to kids and teens and, in the broader market, to differentiate their brands. Colorful, shapely packaging is at the heart of their strategies.

Product Round-Ups

Ingredients — Starches

Plant Ops — Process control

Wellness Foods

Cover Story: Energy and Immunity

Baby Boomers will never slow down! But they’ll need a little help. That’s why ingredients for energy and immunity are finding their way into more and more foods and beverages. We’ll tell you what the hottest of these Boomer-Booster nutraceuticals will be.

Beverages: Beverages for Beauty

Beverages have joined the lotions and ointments in using phytochemicals and other nutraceuticals to help enhance beauty and keep us all looking younger and rosier.

Vitamins/Minerals: Potassium Rocks

Potassium, naturally found in bananas and critical to a number of physical functions, is used in a number of texture and stability functions in food and beverage processing. But it’s also getting well played for its health benefits.

Baking: Going Gluten Free

Perhaps no baking trend is hotter right now than gluten free. Although only a few million Americans have been diagnosed with Celiac disease — the inability to handle the protein gluten found in certain grains — tens of millions are opting to avoid gluten for their perceived general health. And bakers are in a rush to keep up.

Nutrition Beyond the Trends: Omega 3s Spreading the Health

As more health benefits for omega 3 oils are discovered, newer sources and applications technology are arriving to stimulate increased interest and use in these healthful fats.

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