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Infographic: The Practicality and Safety of a Vendor-Managed Garment Program

Dec. 1, 2021
Respondents in our garment program survey overwhelmingly shared that the service pays for itself in terms of not only convenience but food safety.

In a business where there are many daily critical concerns, garment cleaning and supply can be one less thing to worry about. And one less capital expense.

Many food & beverage processing companies, especially the larger ones, already use a vendor-managed garment program. And they’re very happy with the service and the cost – that was apparent in the August survey Food Processing undertook with garment supplier Cintas. 

Both plant floor and corporate respondents were asked a dozen or more questions each. The resulting report found processors believe the cost is reasonable and the service pays for itself in terms of not only convenience but food safety. In fact, many consider their garment service a part of their food safety program. Check out the infographic below, and download the full report here.  

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