Equipment Round Up: February 2021

Feb. 11, 2021
Our editors selected the following food and beverage manufacturing equipment products to feature in our February 2021 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Cheese dicer

The Affinity Integra-D high-performance dicer features operation at the push of a button. The machine is designed with the cutting zone completely separate from the mechanical zone. Hinged access panels ease maintenance and part changeovers. The dicer is powered by a 10-hp (7.5-kW) motor. The 3-D dicer accepts products up to 4.5 in. (114mm). Product is delivered to a feed hopper and enters a rotating impeller. Centrifugal force holds the product against the inside of the case. Impeller paddles carry the product past the slicing knife. An adjustable slice gate at the top of the case determines the slice thickness. Urschel

Drive solutions for the baking industry

These lightweight, corrosion-resistant gear units, smooth-surface motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs) meet hygiene requirements for the baking industry and are suitable for agitators, conveyor systems, weighing and filling plants and packaging machinery. The VFD technology offers high positioning accuracy and safe implementation of dynamic sequences. The drive units can be controlled individually, for example, to regulate kneading and conveyer speeds to prevent blockages and control the dough process. The nsd tupH sealed surface conversion treatment provides corrosion resistance on gear units, smooth-surface motors, VFDs and motor starters with cast aluminum housings for extra protection in washdown environments. Nord Drivesystems

Hyperspectral sorter for nuts

The VeryX BioPrint digital sorter can combine near infrared (NIR) hyperspectral detection with color cameras. It analyzes a rich set of data about the materials it is sorting to improve detection performance. The sorter for nuts removes shells, foreign material (FM) and product defects as well as shape sorts and color grades to maximize product quality while almost eliminating false rejects. Sorting walnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews and other nuts, the sorter removes shells, rocks, sticks, glass, plastics, moisture-related defects, insect and other surface damage, rot and mold. Key Technology

Servo-driven half-gallon gable top packaging machine

The servo-driven EH-84 gable top packaging machine is designed to meet the needs of the dairy, juice and liquid food markets. It can handle fill volumes of 40 oz. up to 2 liter, at speeds as fast as 8,400 cartons per hour (cph). Allen-Bradley PLC controls and servo-driven technology provide repeatable package performance and automatically control fill volumes and profiles based on product and carton size. Infinite fill capability allows for less downtime with quick and easy changes in carton size or product. The machine has a high visibility of components and machine operation, as well as easily accessible areas. Evergreen Packaging Equipment

Configurable side drive conveyors

These sanitary spiral and long-run transferless conveyors are suitable for naked, raw and packaged food products and use side drive, edge-driven technology from Intralox. Made with USDA-compliant plastic, the belting, drives, rods and sprockets all stand up to high-pressure washdowns for thorough cleaning. The plastic design eliminates any risk of contamination as there’s no metal or need for lubrication. The flexible conveyors can meet the needs of any application, plant floor layout or production need. The modular, plastic belting means the conveyors can be configured in any way—curved, spiral, with turns, multiple inclines and declines or simply straight—and without any transfers. SideDrive Conveyor Co.

Low-profile filler for bulk bag and drums

The low-profile combination bulk bag/drum filler allows filling of bulk bags and drums in low headroom areas. When filling bulk bags, full-length forklifting tubes integral to the rear-post fill head allow incremental height adjustments secured with hitch pins to accommodate bags from 42 to 59 in. (1,067 to 1,499mm) tall and widths to 45 in. (1,143mm). The filler is equipped with an inflatable bag spout seal, a feed chute dust vent and a low-profile densification deck that de-aerates material in bags weighing up to 2 tons as they are being filled. Flexicon Corp.

Speedy rotary valve cleaning design

These rotary valves feature the Rota-lign system, which permits fast, easy valve disassembly without tools for complete cleaning and visual inspection. Set in the rotary valve’s nondrive end, the bearing assembly uses a self-aligning rotor design with tapered bore and guide rails that allow the rotor to be accessed and cleaned without removal from the end cover and the bearings to be replaced without removing the valve from the processing line. The system is proven as a rotary airlock and metering device for powders, granules, pellets, chips and grain and is standard on the stainless steel HDMF series rotary valves. Gericke USA Inc.

Wireless condition monitor

This device monitors the operating condition of rotating equipment such as pumps, mixers and agitators used in hygienic process environments. Compact, easy to use and easy to install, the condition monitor tracks equipment vibration, temperature and total run time, three widely used parameters for detecting and diagnosing equipment faults. This enables manufacturers in the dairy, food and beverage industries to protect critical assets, ensure process uptime, improve worker safety and reduce maintenance costs. Powering the conditioning monitor are equipment sensors that transmit data to a connected compatible mobile device for predictive maintenance analysis, thereby supporting decision-making with advanced diagnostics such as trend monitoring. Alfa Laval

Box filler designed for delicate fruits

The Gentle Box Filler+ model has been developed specifically for delicate produce. Its platform builds on the company’s original design and improves throughput with additional automation components. It deposits the fruit gently into the bottom of the pack and uses vibration to settle it delicately, preventing damage during the filling process. This makes it suitable for first-class bulk packing of produce such as kiwifruit and stone fruit, which bruise easily, and for repacked and ripe produce that is softer and more susceptible to damage in handling. It also can be used for pregrading setback packing of produce, which is handled twice. Compac

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Sanitary ribbon blender with ergonomic bag unloading station

These custom blending systems incorporate ergonomic material handling accessories, including bag dump workstations. The design allows operators to empty bags of powder safely through a bar grating while a contiguous vibrating tray assembly catches foreign debris and off-spec ingredients. The custom cover arrangement is available on all ribbon blenders, and Model 42N-18SS uses safety limit switches that prevent agitator operation if any access ports are open or if the grating is removed. All interior and exterior surfaces are stainless steel, polished to 150-grit sanitary finish. The blender also features a sanitary 4-in. spherical disc discharge valve with pneumatic actuator. Ross Mixers

In-line ultrasonic flowmeters for low-viscosity liquid applications

Compact, lightweight QCT_PA12 series in-line liquid ultrasonic flowmeters are intended for use in low-viscosity liquid applications. Their construction and Nylon-12 (PA12) material make them suitable for many high-purity and corrosive liquids. High accuracy and repeatability are achieved through the measurement section within the meter where flow is conditioned and Delta T measured along the meter’s axis. The meter bases its operation on measuring the time difference of an ultrasonic wave traveling with and against the flowing medium. The difference is directionally proportional to the fluid’s flow rate. The flowmeters have non-wetted sensors and no moving parts. FTI Flow Technology

Tabletop infrared conveyor oven

The D-100 model infrared conveyor oven is designed for laboratory testing and low-volume production applications. At 46 in. (117cm) long by 24 in. (61cm) wide by 24 in. (61cm) high, the compact unit can be placed on tabletops or wheeled utility carts with tops as small as 24 in.2 (61cm2). Offered in 120- or 240-V models, the oven is equipped with a 16 in.2 (40cm2) 1,625-W infrared heater that achieves temperatures to 750°F (400°C). Heater shields maximize edge-to-edge temperature uniformity, while variable controls for both heat intensity and conveyor speed allow fine-tuning of the heating process. Vastex Industrial

Hygienic cleaning equipment

Brushes and other items of cleaning equipment are designed for use in food processing facilities. They are heavily built, tough and effective and made with FDA-approved components for food contact. The resin set brushes feature filament retention technology, combining stainless steel staples and Biomaster antimicrobial resin to keep brush filaments secure. All plastics and resins in the antimicrobial products contain a Biomaster additive that, together with good housekeeping, improve facility hygiene. Total MDX brushes (including the filaments) and other MDX plastic tools are fully metal and X-ray detectable. The product line offers a multitude of colors, allowing facilities to color-code their environments. Hillbrush

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