Key Technology Zephyr Reversible Motion Conveyor

Equipment Round Up: December 2022

Dec. 7, 2022
Our editors selected the following equipment to feature in our December 2022 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Reversible motion conveyor

The Zephyr reversible motion conveyor claims higher capacities than other horizontal-motion conveyors. It gently moves product with minimal bounce, protecting product quality and reducing noise while maximizing production line versatility, improving sanitation and minimizing maintenance. Suitable for frozen bulk foods as well as dry products, it also is available as a field upgrade for installed systems. Key Technology 

Analog temp transmitter

The iTemp TMT31 temperature transmitter for analog 4-20mA signals provides high measurement accuracy, flexible use and safe operation in multiple process industries. It improves on its RTD transmitter predecessors with better connection technology and is available in two optimized formats: push-in terminals (enabling tool-free, secure field wiring in a matter of seconds) and a classic screw-terminal format, with optimized design that makes wire terminations in the connection head easier. Corrosion-free contacts ensure maximum reliability of measured value transmission for both variants. Endress+Hauser 

Fill ’er up, digitally

The “+Series Depositors” are digitally controlled pneumatic depositors that possesses advanced features such as pre-charge, splash reduction and deposit pressure profiling. Compared to the original depositors, the +Series handle more complex applications such as ones that require smaller deposits. Unifiller Systems Inc. 

Mobile sanitary IBC unloading and conveying system

The mobile sanitary IBC unloading and conveying system transfers contamination-sensitive bulk solid materials from intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) to downstream processes, dust-free. The discharger frame is mounted on casters for in-plant mobility, while a hinged subframe supporting a surge hopper, flexible screw conveyor and support mast can pivot down for maneuvering through doorways and low-headroom areas. The IBC frame is forklifted onto receiving cups, which position the IBC outlet onto the surge hopper inlet. Material flowing from the IBC into a flexible screw conveyor’s charging adapter is propelled at an incline and discharged into elevated process equipment and storage vessels. Flexicon 

Keeping cool

CoolMan Zone Fans are designed for destratification. The patented design uses a small, energy-efficient fan to deliver a powerful column of air between rack aisles, above or below mezzanines, or other tight spaces that may be challenging or costly to distribute air evenly. They improve worker comfort on the floor, reduce energy costs and equalize temperatures throughout the facility. The fans are available for mounting heights up to 50 ft. Each fan covers an area from 1,200 to 2,500 sq. ft., depending on variables such as ceiling height, fan speed, and targeted number of air-turns per hour. They feature composite fan blades and a stator ring to maximize airflow to the floor level, eliminating cold and hot spots. They can also be controlled manually, automatically using temperature sensors, or remotely through building management systems (BMS). Rite-Hite 

Monitor your rotary valves

The RotorCheck 5.0 contact monitoring system registers, evaluates and reports unwanted contact between the rotor and housing in rotary valves in order to prevent metallic abrasion, and thus potential contamination of the product being conveyed or transferred. It’s suitable for a variety of powders, especially those with a high number of cleaning cycles such as dairy, infant formulas and nutraceutical formulations, as well as applications that include frequently changing products and recipes. The newly introduced physical separation of measured value logging and evaluation electronics has advantages in terms of operation and maintenance, while the redeveloped control system provides advanced options for event diagnosis and communication to host systems. Top-quality components contribute to longer uninterrupted running times, thus optimizing operational efficiency. Coperion K-Tron Salina 

Combined Checkweighing And X-Ray Inspection System

The CX35 AdvancedLine Checkweigher is a combined checkweighing and X-ray inspection system that integrates precision weighing, contamination detection and quality control functions in one space-saving device, offering compliance with industry standards for packaged products up to 10 kg. Sophisticated EMFR load cells designed in Switzerland deliver accuracy from 0.01g, offering full compliance with Weights and Measures regulations. A multitude of mechanical and software product handling options ensure smooth product transfer through the X-ray curtain, increasing productivity. It’s ideal as a Critical Control Point, as separate reject mechanisms and extensive due diligence functionality comply with retailer standards in HACCP & HARPC governed packaging lines. Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

Dry cleaning scrub brush

A stiff bristled brush like Vikan’s Crevice Scrub for dry cleaning allows for more manual pressure to scrape up tough messes without adding water and detergent. The angles on the brush allow it to be used parallel to the floor while its arrow-shaped bristles reach into small cracks and crevices. It can also be used in and around machinery thanks to its compact shape. Remco Products Corp 

Labeling under pressure

Achieve highly flexible, reliable labeling and fast, repeatable format changeovers with the enhanced Bronco 130 pressure sensitive bottle labeler. This inline, servo-driven system can be configured to apply single, dual, wraparound, and multi-panel labels to round, square, rectangular and oval bottles in a variety of sizes. Suitable for manufacturers and contract packers handling cosmetics, personal care products, food, beverages, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and other applications, it features new software capabilities and new printer options. NJM Packaging

Cool and dehumidify conveying air

The new C Series stainless steel heat exchanger with 0.1 PSI pressure drop replaces the shell-and-tube design and cools 5000 CFM at 12 PSI from 250°F to 65°F using 55°F cooling water, claiming to save $50,000, annually. Unit features include a washable metal filter ahead of the cooling core and a removable, washable aluminum mist eliminator downstream. The fin-tube core is removable for inspection without disassembling the gas duct. Multiple gas connection sizes and types are available, as are separate cores within a single housing, with separate or shared access panels. XChanger 

Packaging film roll splicer

The Auto-Splice 3 has been added to the vendor’s packaging portfolio, which makes for a good partner to the year-old Robag 3e. The new machine is a compact, fully integrated automatic splicing solution that splices packaging film automatically, with no downtime or interruption to the packaging process. Its rotary reel swapping feature makes it easier to access and replace the film roll without having to stop the packaging system.The Robag 3e is a vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system, easy to operate, service and maintain, that features EtherCAT real-time protocol and an integrated display controller system. TNA 

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